Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.13


Summary: Jake discovers that Sarge and his wife are expecting a baby, but being that it’s still early, Sarge begs him to keep it a secret. The others, mad that Jake has reduced his debt to Sarge (hoping to help out with the baby) instead of them, agree to let Jake work off his debts. After completing a series of undesirable tasks to avoid spilling the beans, Jake accidentally sends his list of baby name suggestions to the entire precinct. Despite erasing the email from Sarge’s computer with the help of his colleagues, Jake can’t stop the Captain from congratulating Sarge and his wife on the impending birth. Despite his anger, Sarge is moved when Jake ponies up the rest of the money by selling his car, and tells him he’d like him to be the godfather.

Elsewhere, Rosa asks advice on a nice place to take Marcus for his birthday, and Amy, thrilled at partnering with the Captain to solve one of his old cases, accidentally poisons him with “street meat” in her attempts to bond. It ends up alright in the end though; to Santiago’s relief, the Captain says it’s something they’ll laugh about in the future.

Best Scene: Jake keeps Sarge at the gym by feigning a sudden interest in intense exercise.

Favorite Line(s): “Here’s what you do: invite him over, order some fancy takeout, throw it in a pot, and act like you cooked it. I got the idea from Yahoo Answers.” “Dude, I’m not gonna buy a pot. We’re not married.” – Jake and Rosa, on ideas for Marcus’s birthday

My Review: I really, really enjoyed this one. It was funny as all get out, and had some great heartfelt moments as well. My favorite storyline was the A-plot, with Jake trying to keep Sarge’s secret. This show’s go to comedic situation is definitely Jake-screwed-up-and-now-he-needs-everyone’s-help-to-fix-it, but really, I can hardly complain when it’s done as well as it was here. The bit with Jake cleaning everything from Rosa’s motorcycle to Boyle’s dog’s reminded me that nobody makes a face quite like Samberg, and his workout with Terry provided some great physical comedy as well. But I think the best part of this storyline was the softer side of Jake that it showed. It was clear in his attempts to: 1. Keep the secret, 2. Make Sarge think he had kept the secret, and 3. Sell his car to apologize for not keeping the secret, that making Sarge happy and being the godfather were really important to him. That end scene was great, and I’m glad that Terry recognized what a great godfather Jake would be, despite the mistake he made. I’m really enjoying the moments of friendship we’ve seen between these two this season.

Speaking of friendships, I think the writers have done a really great job building Amy and Holt’s relationship in a realistic way, and this episode only furthered that. It was great to see the Captain look at her as a partner and an equal, especially since she’s worked so hard to have him see her that way. It felt very true to her character that, after Holt basically solved the case without her, she found other ways to bond (albeit with unfortunate results). I also like that she’s starting to relax a bit around Holt; he’s starting to see her as more of an equal,  and she’s starting to see herself that way as well. I’m really hoping that we get a storyline soon where Amy seeks out or is recommended for more of a leadership position, kind of like becoming the union rep, only on a larger scale. In addition to being a great bit of character progression for her, it could also provide some really funny moments. Imagine her trying to boss around Jake and Rosa, for instance. Even if it doesn’t happen this season, I could definitely see it happening sometime next year.

My one real complaint with this episode is that I wish we’d gotten to see more of Rosa planning Marcus’s birthday date. I know this show has a habit of making hilarious opening scenes that don’t usually factor into the episode as a whole, but this is one I wish they had made an exception for. I love that being in this relationship is causing Rosa to let her defenses down a bit, so it would have been great to see her asking for more advice, and finally going on the date. It still may be something that we see in the next episode, but the fact that it was only referenced in the opening of this one makes me think that we probably won’t. At the very least, I do hope we get a few scenes of the two of them outside of the precinct (and Holt’s house for that matter) before Nick Cannon finishes up his guest-starring gig.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Let me know in the comment section below!


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