Review: The Mindy Project 3.13

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Summary: Danny, a little concerned with how often Mindy calls him, encourages her to spend a night on the town. She takes his advice and heads to San Francisco, accompanied by Rob, who is distraught over the end of his marriage. There they run into Alex, the guy that Mindy lost her virginity to back in college, and the two catch up. Irritated that he’s being ignored, Rob sends Danny a romantic email that Alex sent Mindy a couple years ago. Peter deletes it for her, but not before Danny hears about it. Mindy calls Danny in the end, tells him that the email was just a stupid thing with an ex, and that’s that.

Elsewhere, Morgan convinces Danny to hang out with him, and the two spot Lauren heading into Peter’s apartment. They suspect that Lauren is cheating on Jeremy (and call him to let him know), but soon learn that Peter’s just babysitting When Jeremy shows up, wondering who is cheating, Morgan lies and says that Mindy cheated on Danny with him, a story that is only corroborated when Peter says that he deleted a questionable email for Mindy. At one point in the episode, Peter assures the guys that it’s just babysitting and he gets nothing out the arrangement. But by episode’s end, it’s clear that he’s changed his mind, causing he and Lauren to kiss, as Morgan watches from down the hall.

Best Scene: After fueling up with some appetizers, Mindy shares the story of how she lost her virginity.

Best Line(s): “Hey you know what else is interesting? Since Alex has been here you haven’t mentioned the love of your life once.” “What are you talking about? I’ve talked about spare ribs like ten times.” – Rob and Mindy, a bit confused about the true love of her life

My Review: This one wasn’t my favorite of the season, but it was by no means a terrible episode. I actually liked the B-plot more than the main storyline this week, as it moved the plot along quite a bit, and gave Peter another nice moment of maturity, that (happily) has become the norm this season.

Even though it’s unfortunate that the ending kiss had to come with a girl who’s in a relationship, I really think it was a moment of maturity. The writers have done an excellent job with Peter’s arc this season, and because of that, he’s at a point now where he knows what he wants in life. When Peter first showed up on the show a couple seasons ago, I never would have guessed that he would become an at least semi-serious guy looking to settle down, so it’s been a lot of fun watching that progression. Ever since news broke that Adam Pally is soon leaving the show, I’ve been wondering how they’ll write his character out. At this point, I could definitely see Peter leaving New York to move somewhere with Lauren, maybe because of a job opportunity for one of them? It would be nice to see something like that be the reason that he leaves the practice, and would really bring his character full circle from the first time we met him.

Though the kiss was the biggest part of the B-plot this week, I enjoyed the rest of it as well. I love the way that the four guys in the cast play off each other in group scenes, and they didn’t disappoint in this episode. Morgan and Danny listening at the wall with a stethoscope was hilarious, and I love that Jeremy (poor, poor Jeremy) had been at the opera when he received the call. I’m really hoping that he gets a more substantial storyline in the back half of the season, preferably one where he doesn’t have to play the bad guy.

Like I said, the storyline with Mindy and  Rob going to San Francisco was kind of meh for me, probably because I’m just not that crazy about Rob himself. Nothing against Tate Ellington, I just find the character more irritating than funny. But Lee Pace was hilariously over the top in his part, and the 90-seconds later appetizer bit was one of my favorite cuts of the season. It still wasn’t enough to make me really get on board with this storyline, as the last third of it felt out of nowhere to me (Rob causing a scene, Alex being in a relationship as well, etc.).

Though I wasn’t that crazy about Mindy’s storyline, I do like that the Stanford arc is giving her an opportunity for personal growth (which we saw as she made the decision to apply, as well as in last week’s episode), and growth in her relationship with Danny (which we saw a little bit last week, and even more so in this episode). It was a nice moment of maturity for each of them and their relationship, when they both confirmed that they trust one another. I also really like that they weren’t just meaningless words; Mindy proved in this episode that she’s serious about her relationship with Danny, and Danny proved that he trusts her when he believed her about the email.

I think before the break (and even a bit in last week’s episode), the writers were in a rut with Danny and Mindy. They fell into a pattern of the characters getting in a fight (usually because Danny did something kind of jerky) and then him making it up to her with a grand gesture, so it was really nice to see something different between them in this episode. I actually think this time apart (however long her fellowship lasts in the show’s timeline) will be really good for them, and only serve to make their relationship stronger in the long run.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Be sure to share ’em in the comments!


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