Review: Castle 7.12


Summary: Castle continues to work as a P.I., despite the fact that he has no clients. After convincing Beckett that it’s still important to him, she sends a case his way, a woman involved in her murder investigation who’s looking for her purse. After crossing paths with Beckett and the boys several times throughout the investigation (and a few mishaps), Castle ends up at least partially solving the murder by locating the purse, and the very important USB drive that was inside.

Best Scene: After Espo and Ryan save Castle from a nefarious limo driver they take him to the precinct, where he gets a wonderfully wife-y lecture from Kate and some good-natured teasing from the boys.

Best Line: “Are you gonna keep doing that all night?” “Not if it hurts my chances.” – Beckett and Castle, on Rick’s voice over tendencies

My Review: I think this was another fairly strong outing in the “Castle as a P.I.” arc. While it didn’t have the novelty that last week’s did, there was still a lot to like about it. The case was decent, the Caskett banter was on point, and we got some fun Ryan/Espo moments as well.

The writers did a great job of making Castle and Beckett’s cases intersect in a way that felt different from last week’s, but not too off the wall. It was really sweet that she got him his first client, and I like that he had such a big hand in figuring out who the murderer was. The case itself was pretty good; I figured that Castle’s client was behind it, so I was pleasantly surprised when it ended up being the network exec. The telenovela backdrop was fun, and I’m glad that it didn’t feel at all like season three’s similarly soap opera themed “One Life to Lose”.

The telenovela aspect was also great for the fun Espo moments that came from it. His insistence that it was his tia who watched was hilarious, and I loved his poorly disguised attempts at watching the scene before Beckett finally dragged him away. And bonus points for his “Yes, Richard?” later on in the episode, too funny!

Ryan continues to shine in this arc due to his new role as Castle 2.0. The spy theory bit was excellent, as was Perlmutter lecturing him on behaving too much like Castle. I miss Lanie, but there’s no doubt that Perlmutter’s inclusion has made these last two episodes even funnier.

And just like last week, Caskett’s banter and overall adorableness were a high point of the ep. They had some great moments, one of my favorites being the way he dropped her off at the crime scene or offered to walk her home, very sweet. I also really liked that she completely supported him after learning that it was important to him, rather then trying to talk him out of it (but really, did we expect anything less?). The “Have a good day, honey!” line was great as was Beckett asking if he was going to continue his voice over work all night in the last scene. And the scene in his office was a lot of fun, especially the way that Beckett played along with him right away. The P.I. arc seems to be amping up the C/B sexiness factor, no? The scene afterwards where he asked for the favor was super cute too; I loved the little smile she was hiding after she heard him come in. They’ve really done a great job since the wedding of balancing the innuendo laden moments with the sweet married people ones.

One other part of this ep that I really liked: the Kate/Martha scene at the beginning. It was really nice that she went to Martha for advice on Castle (and she called him Rick!), and I love that we continue to see moments of bonding between these two.

Moving forward, I’m equal parts excited and nervous for the next episode. The promo made it look at lot like “The Lives of Others” (with the Hitchcock of it all). so I’m really hoping it won’t just be a watered down version of that. But it is one of my favorite episodes, so if they do it differently enough it could be really enjoyable. Here’s hoping!

What are your thoughts on this episode? Hit up the comment section and let me know!


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