Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.14


Summary: With Terry’s help Jake tries to get on the good side of Sophia’s boss, hoping that he’ll start giving her decent cases again. When Wuntch asks Holt for a job recommendation, he and Rosa plot the best way to get revenge. Boyle and Amy work to convince Gina that she should give Boyle’s father permission to marry Gina’s mom.

Best Scene: Jake and Jeffrey bet each other to guess the appetizers, land an olive in someone’s drink, remove a champagne glass from a tower, etc, etc.

Best Line: “Enjoy the understudies, Madeline! Have fun watching some chubby Chenoweth knockoff warble her way through “Popular”! – Holt, on his ultimate revenge for Wuntch

My Review: I really enjoyed this one. It was a nice, balanced episode with three solid plots that gave everyone a moment to shine. I also think the writers did a great job of balancing the comedy with some of the more heartfelt moments, especially in the storylines with Jake and Gina.

As bummed out as I am for Jake, I think his breakup with Sophia was an excellent bit of character progression. In addition to stating it an amusing number of times, his actions in this episode also showed that he really had fallen in love with her. The lengths he went to try to make the relationship work were equal parts hilarious and sweet, and it was perfectly in character for him to assume that he could charm Sophia’s boss into liking him. I think the most important takeaway from this storyline is that Jake Peralta, former ladies man, is ready for a serious relationship. In fact, as he told Sophia, he thought that he was already in one. This is a big step for his character, one that I think he needed to take before he enters into a relationship with a certain female detective. With Jake and Amy both single right now, the timing seems just about perfect. Just saying…

Two other little things I liked about this storyline: The support that Terry provided for Jake (how great were their faces as they walked into that party?) and the fact that Jake did the right thing and arrested Sophia’s boss, even knowing that it would mean trouble for their relationship. Another nice moment of morality and maturity in a season that (happily) has been full of them.

I also liked the plot with Rosa and Holt in this episode; those two are both such wonderfully dry characters and they play off each other so well. For me, this was the funniest storyline of the episode. Between Rosa sharing the story of her second grade nemesis and Holt detailing how the tickets for Wicked were his ultimate revenge, these two had me cracking up in all of their scenes. I’m also glad that Wuntch is sticking around; the dynamic between she and Holt is just too good to end now.

Finally, I think the storyline with Gina, Boyle, and Amy provided a nice moment of growth for Gina (who, like Jake, has had a lot of them this season). It was sweet that she admitted to Amy and Boyle that she just didn’t want her mom to get hurt only to, of course, insult them immediately afterwards. I’ve enjoyed the budding friendship between Amy and Gina this season, and I think this plot worked well to keep that going. Gina questioning Boyle’s dad in an interrogation room was a nice touch, and man, with the ideas that Gina has, I can’t wait to see how this wedding turns out.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Let me know in the comments section below!


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