Review: The Mindy Project 3.14


Summary: Mindy continues to thrive in San Francisco, leading Dr. Gurglar to offer her a partnership at his new fertility clinic. She plans on discussing it with Danny, until he reveals that he bought them a brownstone and Peter shares his plans to move to Texas with Lauren, leaving the practice short-handed. Mindy then tells Dr. Guglar that she can’t make the move, so he shows up in New York and accidentally reveals his offer to Danny. At episode’s end Mindy and Danny are at a crossroads, with neither of them knowing what to do. However, it soon becomes clear that this is the least of their worries, as Peter, who gave Mindy a checkup earlier in the episode, calls to tell her that she is pregnant.

Best Scene: In a classic romcom montage, Mindy shows Danny the sights of San Francisco.

Best Line: “Mindy, you’re allowed to change what you want in life. People do it all the time.” – Peter, reassuring Mindy about her future plans

My Review: Oh boy. The rest of this season is going to be one heck of a ride. That final reveal has so much comedic and romantic potential, and I am so, so excited to see Mindy and Co. make the most of it. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

This episode had a lot going on, even if you ignore the pregnancy bombshell. We had Mindy and Danny each contemplating big changes, Peter leaving the practice, Morgan getting a bubble tea (hardy har), etc. But despite how crowded it sounds on paper, I think the writers did a great job of letting the big moments breath. Peter got a lovely sendoff, and each of Mindy and Danny’s choices were given time to be explored and taken seriously.

As sad as I am to see Adam Pally leave the show, I have to admit that this was the perfect way for his character to leave the practice. I completely agree with what he said at the Bon Voyage party; he did enter the show’s world as an immature guy who didn’t think he would ever settle down, and the fact that he left to go be with the girl he loved and her son is the ultimate sign of character growth. And if he had to go, I am glad that he went out after making so much progress.

The thing I’m going to miss most about Peter is definitely his friendship with Mindy, especially in light of the way that it has blossomed this season. In a lot of ways he and Mindy are very similar; a little self-absorbed sometimes, but with their hearts always in the right place. And I think because they are rather similar, the advice that they have gotten from each other has meant more than if it came from someone else. Mindy is a large part of the reason why Peter decided to make the move that he did, not only through her conversation with him in this episode, but through the way that she has encouraged him to make mature decisions throughout the series. And likewise, Peter has played a major role in Mindy’s growth this season (applying for Stanford, being honest with Danny on many different occasions, etc.), so it felt appropriate that their last conversation for awhile (but not too long hopefully!) was him telling her about her next big life change: having a baby.

But before Mindy got that piece of news, she had to contend with Guglar’s job offer. It’s made me so happy to see Mindy thrive in San Francisco (or “killing this bitch”, as Mindy would say), especially with how much she worried about whether she’d even be accepted into the program. That’s why, even though I know it can’t work long-term on the show, I really hope that she and Danny do move to San Francisco, at least for a little while, so that Mindy has an opportunity to pursue it. Plus, I think it would show a lot of growth on Danny’s part if he was willing to move away from the home that he loves so much to be with the girl that he loves. Though honestly, even the fact that he didn’t completely disregard the idea after Mindy explained it to him, shows some nice growth on his part.

And then of course we have Danny’s option: move into the brownstone he bought for them (once the rats have vacated the premises) and continue to run the practice with Jeremy. As romantic as it was, at first I didn’t really find it believable that Danny would buy a house for the two of them after being so unsure about moving in together recently, but the more I thought about the big gestures he likes to make (especially this season), the more it made sense. I can definitely see him getting scared about the distance between he and Mindy (literally), and wanting to show her how much she means to him. And it was really sweet that he made sure to get something he thought she would like.

Though of course, making the choice between staying in New York and moving to San Francisco is going to be the least of their worries in the next episode, as Mindy (I’m sure in rather spectacular fashion) tells Danny that she’s pregnant. Like I said, I’d still like to see the two move to San Francisco for a bit, before returning to New York, maybe around the time that the baby’s due? At that point I could definitely see them coming back to the practice, with Mindy using what she learned at the fertility clinic to be their fertility specialist or something like that. Regardless of the choice that they make, the rest of the season should be interesting!

One last thought: I’ve really missed Mindy’s interactions with everyone in the practice, one of the few downfalls of the Stanford arc. Between Morgan converting her office into a gym, Beverly mistaking her for Malala (and how great was it that Mindy Kaling brought her real life case of mistaken identity into the episode?), and Tamra getting mad that Mindy had only thrown her farewell parties a couple of the times that she threatened to quit, these three were the funniest part of a fairly serious (or as serious as this show gets) episode.

Thoughts on that big twist? Theories as to where the show goes from here? Head to the comments section and let me know!


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