Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.15


Summary: The officers of the Nine-Nine are invited to a hostage drill, but, as the only non-Federal organization present, are given the most boring job: playing the hostages. Fed up with how they’re being treated, Jake convinces the others to fight back, distracting himself from his breakup with Sophia in the process.

Back at the precinct, the Captain takes a personality test with Gina and is disarmed to find that they fall in the same category.

Best Scene: Jake and Co. escape their hostage situation and take out various “terrorists”.

Best Line: “It’s very embarrassing having feelings.” – Rosa, explaining why she didn’t confide in Amy about her relationship with Marcus

My Review: This was a fairly decent episode; nothing to write home about, but certainly not the worst we’ve seen either. I think the biggest problem was that it suffered from having a pretty similar premise as last season’s stronger episode, “Tactile Village”.

And just to get all of the criticism out of the way early: As a comedy, this show’s job is obviously to make serious situations amusing, but completely disrupting a hostage drill seemed a bit over the top. As this episode showed, the folks of the Nine-Nine pride themselves on being cops, which seems like it would make them realize the importance of this type of drill being taken seriously.

But as I said, there were things to like about this episode as well. One of this show’s greatest strengths is how well it uses its ensemble, especially in group storylines like this one. Their moments of team bonding were nice, and it was sweet of Boyle to convince everyone to fight back, knowing that it would distract Jake from Sophia. As much as they tease each other and goof off, it’s always been clear that Jake and Boyle’s friendship goes beyond that, and I always enjoy it when that’s shown in their actions.

Rosa and Amy also had a nice moment of friendship at the end of the episode when Rosa confided in Amy about the importance of the dinner with her parents. My favorite part of that scene was that at that point Amy had already told her that she could have the day off, so rather than telling her to convince her, Rosa just told her because she wanted to share it with someone. I’m really hoping that we see more of Marcus and Rosa’s relationship in future episodes, especially after hearing how serious it’s becoming.

When Jake went by to return Sophia’s things to her office, I was actually surprised that he ran into her again, though it did give him a nice bit of closure. And really, has Jake ever been more relateable than when he asked the security guard if Sophia was turning around for one last glance? Oh Jake, we’ve all been there…

Holt and Gina’s storyline was fine, like the A-plot, not the funniest or most interesting storyline of the season, but far from terrible. I always enjoy it when they’re paired together because they’re such polar opposites, making the results of their personality test that much funnier. And it also led to a nice moment for the two of them, with Holt apologizing to Gina and giving her more (albeit unwanted) responsibility.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Let me know in the comment section!


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