Review: The Mindy Project 3.15


Summary: Mindy tries to find the right time to tell Danny that she’s pregnant, made more difficult  by the unexpected arrival of Danny’s father and little sister, as well as an eventful dinner at Annette’s. Danny eventually asks Mindy to leave, but Annette runs after her and quickly surmises that she’s pregnant. After she tells Danny, he runs all over New York trying to find Mindy. When he tracks her down next to the hospital vending machine, he pulls her in for a hug and makes it clear that he’s in it for the long haul.

Best Scene: In an episode ending montage (set perfectly to Beyonce’s “XO”), Danny frantically searches the city for Mindy

Best Line: “We’re a family.” – Danny to Mindy, after learning that she’s pregnant

My Review: This was one of my favorite episodes of the season, I think partly because it was so character driven. Even though the episode was funny, it was far more about the characters and their reactions to some big changes in their lives than it was about the one-liners. I also think it was smart to have the dinner at the Castellanos’ be the only storyline in the episode; that focus gave the plot room to breathe and made its impact that much stronger.

That being said, I did enjoy the two little scenes that we had with Morgan and Peter. I love how protective Morgan is of Danny, but it was also totally in-character of him to back off immediately when Mindy asked him to; Morgan’s definitely a guy who can’t stand to be mad at someone longer than he has to be. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Peter, though at the rate he was attacking that brisket, who knows if we will again. I hope that we continue to see that friendship that he and Mindy have, as well as to hear about his life in Texas.

If the last few episodes have been about growth for Mindy, I think this one was about growth for Danny, and honestly, it was my favorite episode for him in a long time. I’ve never been one to put Danny on a pedestal; as lovable as he is, there’s no doubt that he has flaws, the greatest being his fear of letting people in, and that those flaws sometimes come out in his less than stellar treatment of Mindy. That being said, I couldn’t really blame him for not wanting her at his family dinner. As much as he loves her, Danny is protective of, and in some ways, a little embarrassed by his dysfunctional family, and I think it says more about his relationship with them than his relationship with Mindy that he didn’t want her there. I think that’s part of the reason why he and Mindy are so great together. By going to the dinner anyway, she made it clear that she wants to be a part of his crazy family, dysfunction and all.

I liked the part of the storyline with Danny’s sister a lot, because I think it gave us a little taste of what Mindy and Danny are going to be like as parents. Danny made it clear that he will always step up and put the best interests of the kid first, even if it’s hard. And I think Mindy showed that, despite her flighty nature, she’ll be a loving but no nonsense mom (just hopefully without the physical retaliation in the future). I was bummed that Danny sent Mindy away, but I did love the support that Annette showed in going after her and saying that she agreed with her about Danny not taking little D in. And her excitement over being a grandma was so sweet; I’m really glad that she wasn’t mad about it, despite how uber religious she is. I do kind of wish that Mindy had been the one to tell Danny, but his face after Annette spilled the beans almost made it worth it.

Finally, nobody does a let-me-show-you-my-love running scene quite like The Mindy Project, and it felt wonderfully appropriate that, just like when they first declared their love for one another, Danny ran all over New York trying to find Mindy to share his excitement over this next big change in their relationship. I loved his realization that she had to be next to the hospital vending machine, the love on his face as he looked at her, and that perfect, perfect line: “We’re a family.”

This episode left a lot of balls in the air: the possibility of Danny’s sister coming to live with them, the uncertainty of their future jobs and living situation, but I think that final moment proved that the choices they make hardly matter, because they will without a doubt be together to make them.

What are your thoughts on this episode, especially that last scene? Hit up the comments section and let me know!


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