Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.16


Summary: Jake, Gina, and Kevin work together to figure out why Holt is in a bad mood, eventually learning that three men tried to mug him, and that he’s unhappy because he’s been lying to Kevin about being “lightly stabbed”. As a means of apologizing for interfering in his personal life, Jake tracks down one of the muggers so that the Captain can be the one to arrest him. At the precinct, Boyle tries to convince Amy and Rosa that the old man he brought into the precinct is the mastermind bank robber they’ve been chasing, which he eventually proves when the man croaks in front of them and Amy traces the serial number of a dollar bill the robber gave her. Meanwhile, Terry does his part to help the Captain’s mood by (somewhat successfully) keeping the precinct running smoothly.

Best Scene(s): Jake, Gina, Kevin follow the Captain’s Tuesday routine to figure out what put him in a bad mood.

Best Line: “Peralta, you’re a genius.” – Holt to Jake, after he hears Jake practice it in the bathroom/learns that Jake found one of the muggers

My Review: I think this was a fairly sold episode, one that exceeded my expectations. With this ep preceding the big Boyle-Linetti wedding and airing opposite SNL’s 40th, it would have been easy for the folks at Nine-Nine to phone it in, and I really appreciate that they didn’t.

For me, the best part of this episode was the look it gave us at Holt’s life outside of the precinct. From the reveal that his good mood breakfast of choice is “room temperature water and a hard-boiled egg yolk” (and I can’t help but worry about what his bad mood breakfast is) to the one that he enjoys fencing and painting the same rock over and over again, this episode was full of fun little tidbits about the Captain. I also really liked Jake’s continuing indignation at learning that Holt complains about him basically everywhere he goes. This plot was also a nice bit of (albeit subtle) progression from last season’s very funny Holt-acts-the-exact-same-regardless-of-his-mood sequence from last season. I liked the idea that everyone knows him well enough now to realize immediately that something was up with him, and that he wasn’t just being his usual strict self. And really, I always enjoy a storyline that gives Jake the opportunity to show how much he cares about Holt, so even that was enough to make me like this episode.

The B-plot was also pretty good, though I don’t know if I totally buy that Rosa and Amy would completely dismiss a guy as a bank robber just because of his age. But it was fun to see Boyle’s continuing frustration as he tried to prove it, and it did lead to a nice (though quick) moment for Rosa, Amy, and Boyle at the end.

I don’t know if we can really call Terry trying to keep the precinct in order a real storyline so much as something that just happened in the background, but his annoyance over Scully and Hitchcock’s antics was funny enough, as was his dance competition with the silver boom box carrier.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Predictions on what might go down at the Boyle-Linetti wedding? Let me know in the comments section!


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