Review: The Mindy Project 3.16


Summary: In New York, Danny tries to tell everyone at the practice that he’s moving to San Francisco, without realizing that, thanks to Morgan, they all instead believe that he’s dying. They’re angry after learning the truth, but quickly change their tune when Danny reveals that he’s leaving because Mindy’s pregnant. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Mindy helps her brother get his life back on track, and ends up deciding to start her fertility clinic in New York.

Best Scene: Jeremy, Morgan, Tamra, and Beverly throw a little party in honor of Danny’s life, complete with a song composed for the occasion, festive banner, and the Staten Island Catholic Boys Choir.

Best Line: “I mean, in terms of entitlement and personality, you’re the whitest man I know.” – Rishi, giving Mindy a bit of a confidence boost

My Review: This episode employed that classic comedy trope of the misunderstanding, and I think it worked fairly well. One of this show’s strengths is that it doesn’t rely on tropes too often, making episodes where it does still feel fresh and funny rather than overdone. That being said, I don’t think this was the strongest nor the weakest episode of the season; for me it fell solidly in the middle, especially since it was a transition episode of sorts, getting Mindy and Danny to a place where they can stay in New York and Mindy can still have her fertility clinic.

This episode’s two storylines each got about the same amount of screen time which, like last week’s singular storyline, was a nice way to mix up the traditional A,B, and/or C plot format. I liked the storyline in New York a bit more, because I think it used all of the players there very well. Since Mindy has been at Stanford, the focus has been on her career and her relationship with Danny, which hasn’t allowed much time for the always entertaining group scenes at the practice. Morgan, Jeremy, Tamra and Beverly’s reactions to Danny’s impending “death” were both hilarious and sweet, and I loved that the party they planned showed how well they know him. It was also completely realistic that they were mad at Danny for moving, but immediately understood when he said that Mindy was pregnant. I’m really looking forward to seeing Mindy’s reaction to Danny spilling the beans (with how much she enjoys being the center of attention, I have to imagine that she’ll be a little bummed at first), as well as seeing how everyone treats her during the pregnancy (Morgan’s going to do something crazy, right?).

Though it wasn’t a standout for me, Mindy and Rishi’s storyline was amusing enough and rather heartfelt, and I’ve always enjoyed the realistic sibling dynamic between Mindy Kaling and Utkarsh Ambudkar. I loved seeing Mindy’s determination as she tried to help her brother get his life back on track. The twist on “the imposing drug dealer” character was a nice surprise, and when I heard that John Cho was guest starring, I did not expect that’s who he would be playing, so I guess stereotypes were indeed broken. I also think that, similar to last week’s storyline with Danny’s sister, this one showed the tenacity that Mindy will have as a parent. She’s not going to let her kid get away with anything, but the adorable way that she talked to the baby throughout the episode also showed how much she’s going to love and support it. I also liked the contrast in the way that she spoke to the baby vs. the way that Danny did. With how different those two are, they’re going to make a fun and combative, but I think effective, parenting team.

After hearing Mindy’s decision at episode’s end, I think having her start the fertility clinic in New York is a smart move for the show. With the clinic being in the same building, it’ll still allow Mindy to interact with everyone at the practice and cause her relationship with Danny to continue to grow, in addition to the obvious career advancement it will provide. I also think the timing is pretty perfect; I love the Stanford arc for the way that it showed Mindy’s maturity, but I’m excited to see her back in New York full time, participating in her usual shenanigans with her co-workers and friends.


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