10 Thoughts: Once Upon a Time 4.13


I’ve been trying to think of a post format that would give me the opportunity to write about a few of my other favorite shows without taking the time that a traditional review would. This is one idea I had, so let me know if you guys like it, or if you have something in mind that might work better. Without further adieu, here are ten thoughts I had while watching “Darkness on the Edge of Town”.

1. I loved how casually couple-y Emma and Hook were in this episode. Things like him bringing her coffee, their public displays of affection, and how comfortable they were sharing things with one another, all worked to show how secure they are in their relationship.

2. How karmic was it to see Rumple living in less than stellar conditions, especially with how he treated everyone in 4A? That visual of him eating Ramen is easily one of my favorite sight gags of the season.

3. The little scene between Hook and Belle was really nice; I love the idea of a budding friendship between these two, and it was great that they each reassured the other about getting duped by Rumple.

4. So far, Cruella is my favorite of the three villains. Victoria Smurfit is excellent in this part; with the clothes, the accent, and her demeanor, I could easily see Cruella becoming one of the show’s most memorable villains. I also really love the backstory she has in New York; being married to some rich guy who gets arrested right in front of her, leaving her with nothing but her car seems just about right.

5. Emma and Regina’s budding friendship has been one of my favorite things about this season, so I love the focus that it got in this episode. The two of them working together to take down the Chernabog was great, but I got equal pleasure in seeing Emma bring Regina lunch and give her hope that they would find the author. What’s more, I loved that Regina let her do that, something that would not have been possible as recently as last season.

6. There were some really great one-liners in this one (per usual): “This isn’t our first monster bash”, “Can we stop throwing around the ‘E’ word”, “We should buckle some swash. Or you know, whatever”, and “You eat like a child”.

7. Even though I was screaming at them not to while watching, I’m kind of glad that Regina and Emma made the decision to let Cruella and Ursula into Storybrooke. Aside from the need to get the party started, so to speak, I also really like that these two, despite how much they’ve been burned in the past, still believe in second chances. For Regina especially, I think this was a nice moment of character growth, that she continues to recognize just how evil she was, and can’t help but think that if she turned good despite it, so could those two. That being said, Ursula and Cruella showing up out of the blue did’t raise ANY red flags? Really?

8. I’m kind of obsessed with the idea that Emma has the heart with the darkest potential. I think there’s an opportunity for some really interesting storytelling there, and her potential for evil makes total sense to me. She’s arguably had the hardest life out of any of the characters, giving her the biggest excuse in the book for turning to the dark side. Not that she will of course, but I totally buy that the temptation is there.

9. I wasn’t surprised at all that Rumple was behind pretty much everything that went down in Storybrooke in this episode and really, I can’t help but be impressed by his resourcefulness, especially without having magic. I’m curious to see just how long he stays hidden in town and what his eventual plans are.

10. I’m very intrigued by Snow and Charming’s history with Ursula and Cruella. The fact that Snow went so far as to threaten to rip out their hearts has to mean it was something pretty juicy and nefarious, right?

So all in all, a solid start to 4B, one that has me very excited to see what’s to come. Same time, same place next Sunday?


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