Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.17


Summary: The officers of the Nine-Nine gather for the long-awaited Boyle-Linetti wedding, avoiding several potential disasters along the way. Amy and Jake find and arrest Amy’s criminal nemesis, a counterfeiter who’s evaded her for the last two years.

Best Scene: At the wedding reception, Holt and Kevin decide to have a wedding of their own, Rosa tells Marcus that she loves him, and Jake and Amy share a sweet moment by the dance floor.

Best Line: “My mom loves you. You love her. Now follow your big weird heart.” – Gina, giving Boyle’s dad some much-needed advice.

My Review: This was one of my favorites of the season, as big event-type episodes often are. There was a lot to love here, so let’s dive into the aptly named “Boyle-Linetti Wedding”.

First off, I love how in-character it was of Gina to interrupt Amy’s briefing to talk about what really mattered: the wedding. It was sweet that the whole wedding was a group project; this show never shies away from showing how much everyone in the precinct supports one another, and this episode was the perfect example of that. As soon as Gina revealed what Jake’s assignment was, I had a feeling he was going to mess it up in some way, and even though losing the ring was predictable, I can hardly complain when it led to such wonderful moments between he and Amy.

It was great to see the two of them as a team again, and their banter this episode (especially while taking down Minsk) was the sharpest it’s been all season. But despite their fun back and forth, there were also some moments of genuine emotion embedded in this episode, and it was equally great to see Jake support Amy when they chased after Minsk, and vice versa when Jake missed his chance with Jenny. We have to be building to some milestone between these two, right? A date, a kiss, something like that has to go down before this season is over.

Another thing I really liked about this episode was Gina’s role as the wedding planner. There have been some great layers given to her character this season, and I think this episode added another one. I love the way that she talked Boyle’s dad down, with her patented brand of straight-talking and really, I love how she handled all of the disasters like a bossDespite her ambivalence about most things, it was clear in this episode that she, rather sweetly, really wanted to make this day special for her mom.

And, as evidenced by the beautiful wedding that we saw, she was definitely successful. With the help of Sarge and Amy, Jake got the ring where it needed to be. Captain Holt’s speech was perfect, Rosa’s flowers were beautiful, and Gina even managed to fix the smoke machine. In short, she pulled off the perfect wedding for the crazy Boyle-Linetti clan.

Finally, a few other things I liked about this episode:

-The way that Captain Holt looked at Kevin during his speech and their decision to have their own wedding at some point. I love how much we’ve seen of their relationship this season; it’s added some nice depth to Holt’s character and let his softer side come out a bit more

-The scenes with Holt and Terry were hilarious; Terry Crews plays awkward bewilderment (especially around Holt and Kevin) so well.

-Rosa saying “I love you” to Marcus was a big moment, and it was kind of cool and unexpected that Gina was the one who (unknowingly) got her to that point. Kudos to Stephanie Beatriz for playing that “coward” moment so believably.

-And of course, the end scene with Jake and Amy by the dance floor was lovely. I won’t lie; I had hopes that Amy would be the one to dance with him, but it totally jived with the nature of their relationship and how much they love teasing each other that she would pair him up with a sweet old lady instead.

Thoughts on this episode? Want to place a bet on when Amy and Jake will have their next big moment? Hit up the comment section!


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