Pick of the Week: Grey’s Anatomy’s “The Distance”


I’ve been pretty vocal about the fact that I think this is one of the strongest seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in awhile, which is no small feat for a show in its 11th season. I think the episodes since the mid-season break have been especially good; with the end of Callie and Arizona’s marriage, the temporary suspension of Meredith and Derek’s, and the continuing ramifications of Cristina leaving Owen last season, romantic relationships have been placed on the back burner, giving friendship and workplace dynamics, as well as interesting, emotional medical cases a chance to shine.

This new focus was especially apparent in Thursday’s episode, as Amelia and Stephanie worked to save Dr. Herman, and Arizona and Bailey worked to save their own patient, supported all the while by their friends and colleagues. The setup was textbook Grey’s: big, dangerous surgeries and doctors with very human doubts about their own abilities. But as this show has proved time and time again, and as Amelia voiced in this episode, these doctors are not mere mortals; they are superheroes. They are superheroes who get up and try their best every day, despite the bad luck the world has handed them. They are superheroes who keep building relationships after they have lost so many that they loved. And most of all, they are superheroes who save lives, who laugh at diseases, and accidents, and in this case, tumors that can kill, and stop them from doing so.

It sounds cheesy, but this was all I could think of after I watched the episode: I’ve been a fan of Grey’s Anatomy since season 1. Sometimes it’s really nice to be reminded why.


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