Pick of the Week: The Vampire Diaries’ “The Downward Spiral”


After last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries ended with Caroline flipping her humanity switch, I’ll admit that I assumed the plot of this week’s would be rather predictable: some destructive behavior from her (if watching this show for six seasons has taught me anything, it’s that flipping the humanity switch is never good), as well as several attempts from her friends to try to pull her back. But Diaries is a show that thrives on turning what you expect on its head and then spinning it around a few more times for good measure, so I really shouldn’t have been surprised that a humanity-less Caroline was completely different from who I thought she would be. Almost eerily measured and enthusiastic, she was ready to party and then plan an innocent girl’s murder, especially after Stefan and Elena ignored her request to let her be. Through it all, Candice Accola added another impressive performance to a sequence of episodes that have been her strongest of the series, one that was quite different tonally, but equally affecting.

In true “go big or go home” fashion, the episode ended with not only Caroline humanity-less, but Stefan as well, after Caroline insisted she would only stop Sarah Salvatore’s murder if he also flipped his switch. As much as I’ve looked forward to the possibility of Stefan and Caroline becoming a real couple this season, the idea of the two of them as a humanity-less Bonnie and Clyde is almost more interesting to me. A ripper and a girl who loves to plan parties? Not a combination you want to see in real life, but in TVD‘s world, one that’s going to be entertaining as hell.


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