Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.19


Summary: After a bout of bad luck and a positive drug test, Jake suspects that one of his old collars is out to get him, leading Holt to assign Amy and Rosa to the investigation. Meanwhile, Boyle begrudgingly works with Scully and Hitchcock on an open case, and Holt and Terry deal with the ramifications of missing one of Gina’s dance performances.

Best Scene: At episode’s end, Holt agrees to makes Jake’s reinstatement a bit more dramatic than the NYPD deems necessary.

Best Line: “Your alarm is power-dependent? You brought this on yourself, son!” – Amy, schooling those of us with plugin alarm clocks

My Review: My favorite thing about this episode was its balance; it’s not often that a half-hour show can do three different storylines justice, but I think that’s what happened here. Each storyline had the right amount of time devoted to it, and none of them felt rushed, which I think often happens when there are A, B, and C stories in play.

Jake’s saboteur storyline was obviously the focus of the episode, and I think it was a solid one. I’ll admit that when I started the episode, I assumed Jake’s lateness was just him being well, Jake, so it was a nice surprise that another force was at work. I was also surprised by how serious they were willing to go with this plot; as a comedy, it’s hard for the writers to put these characters in deadly situations too often (despite the dangerous nature of their jobs), but I think they did it pretty seamlessly here. You could tell that Jake was genuinely scared (especially after the baddie revealed his plan to kill him), but the dialogue between the two was funny enough that it didn’t mess with the tone of the episode too much.

I also liked this storyline for what it revealed in Jake, Rosa, and Amy’s friendship. I love that Rosa and Amy knew that something was up because Jake wasn’t bothering them, and all of them apologizing to one another at the end was really sweet. I think it was also a sign of the mutual respect that they have for one another, a respect that really all of the detectives in the Nine-Nine share.

I’m probably in the minority on this, but I’m usually not a huge fan of the plots that deal with Gina’s dance obsession, because I think her confidence comes off as obnoxious in those, where I usually find it charming. That being said, I genuinely liked the one in this episode. I think it actually showed a softer side to her, as her disappointment at Holt and Terry missing her performance was clear, but in typical Gina fashion, quickly masked by over-dramatics. It was also fun to see the Captain’s strong morals and ironclad principles challenged a bit, as he followed them in this episode, but quickly realized that he had hurt Gina’s feelings by doing so. His attempts to make it up to her were really sweet, especially his final decision to hire her dance troop

The Boyle/Scully/Hitchcock storyline was probably my least favorite, just because I get sometimes get annoyed by how one-note Scully and Hitchcock are (even in episodes like this, where they exceed expectations), but I like that it let Boyle show his as intelligence as he managed them. It’s always nice to see him as a good detective in his own right, not just as one who plays second fiddle to Jake.

Did you enjoy this week’s episode? Let me know in the comment section!


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