Review: Castle 7.17


Summary: Castle, Beckett, and Co. work with a Hong Kong detective, Inspector Zhang, to solve the murder of her childhood friend. Zhang’s presence also causes Kate to consider where her career is heading.

Best Scene: At home after the case, Castle and Beckett talk about her future, and Beckett reassures him that he’s soooo much better than Patterson.

Best Line: “You cannot leave behind what is always at your side.”

My Review: I think this was a decent episode; a bit heavy-handed at times, but still enjoyable. I’m going to do this quick hits style, just because I don’t think I’ll have too much to say about this one.

-I think the case was fairly good. As often happens with these kind of episodes, I was more invested than usual in the outcome because of Zhang’s connection to the victim. I was also pleasantly surprised that the killer was the friend rather than Mimi Tang, which is who I assumed it would be. Her motive was also more interesting than the typical money, power, revenge ones that we usually see.

-I liked Zhang’s character for the most part. I had kind of a hard time connecting with her, especially at the beginning of the episode, but I think that coolness she had actually worked well, because it provided a nice counterpoint to Kate’s inherent warmth, which I think was the biggest difference between the two. The bit where she took the guns from Javi and Ryan was cool (and Castle’s ribbing afterwards hilarious), but it was a little much that she took out a whole gym of thugs by herself, right? She’s a tough girl, but she’s not Wonder Woman.

-I wasn’t that crazy about Kate using that stereotypical phrase “How do you do it all?” when talking to Zhang at the shooting range. Kate’s an awesome feminist role model, but I did groan a little bit when she said that because it was so cliche, and really, at this point a little outdated. And the reveal that Zhang didn’t in fact “have it all” wasn’t really that surprising, especially since Kate spent so much of the first half of the episode talking about how accomplished she was in all facets of her life.

-It was really nice to see Kate a little unsure of herself here, and Chad Gomez Creasey did a great job of making that believable. It was a nice bit of continuity to reference the D.C. arc and it made total sense that Kate would question the decision she made there while thinking about her future. I also liked that she was aware that she was being a little insecure, though honestly, I can’t help but think that she’s always been gorgeous, even with pimples.

-Kate’s line about Gates choosing to believe her almost made me laugh because seriously, how many times do we think Gates has had to do that in the past?

-I loved the way that Castle supported Beckett in this episode, basically being her sounding board as she worked through it. It was also funny/sweet the way that he kept referencing his Patterson insecurity. The proud little way that he said they were partners and married when introducing himself to Zhang was adorable, as was his line at the end about not leaving behind what’s always at your side. In that last scene, I also really liked that Beckett didn’t declare having kids to be her next “mountain”. After an episode spent considering her future career, switching over to family talk would have felt a little disingenuous. Plus, we’re at a point now where she’s thinking of kids as inevitable, something that will happen in conjunction with her future career, not as its own separate milestone.

-Couldn’t we have gotten one little peak at that list? If the show does end this season, I’d like to at least get an idea of how she will end up deciding to run for the Senate (if you take what we learned in “Time Will Tell” as fact), and we’re running out of time for that to happen.

Next week’s Ryan-centric, which should be fun. Only six episodes left!


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