Pick of the Week: Jane the Virgin “Chapter Sixteen”


A tiny bit of self-promotion before I start talking about this ep. I recently started contributing to ScreenPicks, and my recap of this episode can be found here, if you’re interested in checking it out =)

Jane the Virgin is my favorite new show in quite awhile, mostly because I’ve been really impressed with how quickly it’s found its tone. This first season has been extremely cohesive, which doesn’t happen to new shows very often. Even ones that go on to be very successful usually have one or two episodes in that first season that seem very out of place a couple years later.

What’s more, the first season of Jane has introduced us to a show that’s like nothing else on TV; it’s equal parts hilarious and down-to-earth, with a unique storytelling structure and a breakout star for a lead. This past week’s episode was especially representative of the show overall; the outrageous comedic moments were plentiful (Michael’s impressions, pretty much anything Rogelio said), but so were its moments of simple realism, and I found Xo and Alba’s fight and Jane’s stress over her novel just as affecting. This episode also played with the notion that fantasies are hard to come by in real life, a bittersweet sentiment if there ever was one.

But, it’s important to remember, this show also deals in hope. The hope that Jane will have the writing career she has always dreamed of. The hope that, despite their differences, she and Rafael will give their baby two parents who love each other. The hope that Xo and Alba’s combative personalities won’t one day tear them apart. And most of all, the hope that even when life and love gets hard, it’s still worth it to fight for happiness. So it felt very Jane that, by episode’s end, Jane had made things right with her writers’ group and she and Rafael had finally been completely honest with each other. And by doing so (in true telenovela style, I might add), tying up just enough to keep us, and more importantly, the characters, happy.


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