Review: Castle 7.19


I really enjoyed this one. I think it turned into one of those late-season treats where you tune in not expecting much and end up being pleasantly surprised. Yes, it was a tad cheesy in parts, but in that sweet way that Castle does so well. Really, when an episode ends with Castle and Beckett singing a duet in the shower, I can hardly complain. I’m calling this post a review, but it’s really going to be more quick hits style, if that’s o.k. with y’all.

-I loved the beginning scene with Kate, Alexis, and Castle for a couple reasons. One, it was great to see Alexis and Kate bond over something as simple as studying for a test. Pitching in/asking for her help is just the kind of thing that family members do, and it showed a real ease and familiarity between the two of them. The kind of proud way that Kate said that Alexis would make a good lawyer was also a nice touch; not like she felt any responsibility for Alexis’s intelligence, but that she was happy that someone she cares about a great deal could potentially handle a tough career. It was also a nice tie-in to Kate’s revelation back in season four about wanting to be Chief Justice. Though I have to say, she and Castle have discussed and hinted at so many future careers for her that I have no idea what she’s going to do next. So good jobs writers, I guess?

-Caskett’s bet with Ryan and Espo was hilarious, and I loved Ryan and Beckett trying to reign their respective partners back in. Though as much as I loved their “Get Lucky” dance, I kind of would have rather seen the “Crime of Our Lives” one. Like who was Baby and who was Johnny in that lift? Inquiring minds want to know!

-Even though it had to compete with all of the shenanigans happening elsewhere, I thought this case was pretty solid. I’m a sucker for both cover-up and redemption crimes, so I was doubly pleased about this one. I also called the murderer incorrectly (I had the secretary pegged, but I’ve been kind of off my game this season), which made for a fun final act when it ended up being the competitor. I think I assumed that it wouldn’t be him just because suspects with big personalities usually aren’t the murderers, so that reveal threw me for a bit of a loop.

-Castle and Beckett dancing in the living room (even just the little bit that we saw) was super sweet, and I loved Martha and Kate’s conversation. The fact that Kate confided in her over anyone else said so much about the depth of their relationship, and I loved the vulnerability that she showed. I’m forever impressed with Stana Katic’s ability to take this character from badass to adorably unsure, without ever making her feel disjointed.

-When Gates said that Kimmel was back in, I thought maybe Martha had worked some of her magic, but I think I liked it even better that Castle was behind it. I loved that he probably never would have mentioned it to Beckett again had she not asked him about it, and their little scene by the elevator where they talked about it was really cute. These two continue to be the shining example of what a marriage should look like: both partners totally honest, even about the silly stuff.

-And then the shower scene. I mean, c’mon! A lovely little closer, and another instance of this episode surprising me in the best way possible.

Only a few more episodes left of the season, can’t wait to see what Marlowe and Co. have in store for us!


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