10 Thoughts: Once Upon a Time 4.20

O.k., so since I’ve talked quite a bit about my concerns in regards to the overall arc this half-season, I’m going to try really hard to just focus on the episode itself this time, which I think was a really great one, one of my favorites of the season actually. So without further adieu, here are my ten thoughts on “Lily”.

1. I can’t even begin to express how much I loved the premise of this episode. As soon as Regina suggested she and Emma go on a road trip together I knew their scenes were going to be entertaining, but I was blown away by how touching they were. It’s been so amazing to see these two women who are so vastly different, yet somehow similar in the ways that matter, tentatively build a friendship over the last couple of seasons, and I think we saw another layer added to that friendship in this episode, with Regina almost taking on a big sister role, which was exactly what Emma needed here.

2. There were a lot of small moments between the two that I liked; their discussion of fate and the role it’s played in their lives and Regina asking Emma about her past with Lily but not pushing when she didn’t respond to name a couple, but my favorite was Regina convincing Emma not to kill Lily. I love that Regina knew exactly what Emma needed to hear, explaining why she was justified in killing Cruella, and referencing her own past, desperate as she was for Emma to avoid facing the demons that she did on her quest back into the light. This was one of those episodes that made me want to go back and watch the pilot, just to marvel at far these two women have come, which, in my book, is a sign that it was great ep for their characters.

3. On a lighter note, how great was Regina’s semi-annoyance at the trouble she went through to create Storybrooke when she could have just dropped them in one of the world’s many unsavory locations? I’ve always found it kind of funny that the most miserable life she could come up with for them was to live quite happily in a quaint little town, albeit without any knowledge of who they were. Proves that even at her most evil, Regina still wasn’t a total jerk.

4. Before the two headed off on their road trip, I loved Emma and Hook’s little scene. His shyness over adding himself to the list of people Emma has to stay good for was adorable, like he didn’t want to presume. These two haven’t had too many moments in the last few episodes, but they definitely make them count when they do. I also have a feeling that Hook will play a big role in these last 3 eps of the season, which will be really nice to see.

5. I feel like I should have felt bad for Snow and Charming when Emma basically ignored them before leaving, but I kind of…didn’t? I’m getting a little nervous that the writers aren’t doing enough lately to remind us why we fell in love with Snow and Charming in the first place. The two have made some really questionable decisions this season, ones that I think are going to be a bit hard to come back from next year.

6. The girls that play young Emma and Lily are excellent, but I’m not sure how necessary their flashback this ep was to the overall story. I think it felt too similar to the flashbacks we saw earlier in the season, because the trajectory was basically the same: Lily lies to Emma, Emma gets mad, the two part ways. I do think that a flashback of some kind was important for this episode, just to remind you of Emma and Lily’s dynamic before they reunited, but I don’t know if one that lengthy was necessary, since it basically told the same story we’d already seen.

7. I didn’t expect Emma to kill Lily, so I wasn’t surprised when she put the gun down, but I was surprised that the two (at least semi) made up so quickly. As nice as it was, it was a pretty big turnaround, and I’ll be curious to see if there’s tension in their relationship next week, or if they’ll be content to get to know one another as adults and let the past stay in the past.

8. I was bummed that poor Belle was once again out of the loop this episode, with Will and Rumple teaming up to get her heart back without her knowledge. Last week I thought that it was implied that Regina had taken it with her permission, but her response to having it back seemed to indicate that this wasn’t the case. Either way, Rumple putting it back in her chest and telling Will it was his to protect now made for a sweet moment, though the feminist in me wanted to just tell her to protect it herself…

9. Regina and Robin’s reunion was perfect, everything I’d hoped it would be. Of course the happiness of it was also short-lived, with that reveal that Zelena is (!) pregnant. When Robin first said he couldn’t leave I thought for sure it was because Zelena had his heart, but this was so much worse! Even though we didn’t see a reaction beyond her shocked face, Regina has to be devastated, and I’m very curious to see how she works through it. On the plus side, new nephew?

10. Moving forward, I’m just trying to let myself get excited about these last 3 eps, without worrying too much about how they’re going to tie up all of the storylines they have going on right now. I’m actually starting to wonder if we’re going to have a few of them carry over into next season, which, while kind of unusual for this show, may be kind of a fun change of pace. Usually they stick to one kind of small cliffhanger, but doing a few more might be interesting. Though let’s be honest, I don’t really need any motivation to tune in next season.


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