Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.20

Summary: Jake deals with a series of unfortunate injuries, Amy tries her best to be chill, and Rosa and Holt navigate an awkward personal development.

Best Scene: Rosa confesses to Holt that she thinks she may be pregnant.

Best Line: “The doctor said all my bleeding was internal. That’s where it’s supposed to be!”

My Review: It’s been way too long since Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been on my screen, and I’m glad they returned from their hiatus with what I think was a fairly strong episode. The A-plot was excellent, one of my favorites in awhile actually, and though I had a few issues with them, the B and C-plots were very entertaining.

I really love storylines that show Jake’s more serious side, and this one was no exception. As hilarious as it was to see him injure himself in various ridiculous ways and make amazing jokes about it, it was the depth that it showed in his character that made me love his scenes in this episode. For one, I liked that they showed Jake’s commitment to his job and the tenacity that he has. There have been a lot of episodes this season that have shown the contrast between Jake’s goofy, laid-back personality and how seriously he takes his job, but I think this one hit on something a little different than ewhat we’ve seen before. Instead of committing because of a competition with a fellow detective or because of a friend or family member, this time Jake was working hard just because of what he owed the borough of Brooklyn: to keep it safe even it means never taking any time off.

Rosa and Holt are one of my favorite duos on the show, and I’ve been really pleased that Rosa and Marcus dating has meant more scenes for the two of them. The two of them discussing the horrors of a dinner filled with small talk was hilarious, and served to show just how similar they are, but their big scene was obviously Rosa revealing that she might be pregnant. This show always does awkward moments so well, playing them up for optimum comedy, and with lines like “Are your bosoms tender?”, I think this one followed suite. I was a little bummed actually, when it turned out that she wasn’t pregnant, because I would have loved to see Holt and Rosa deal with that permanent mixing of their personal and professional lives.

One quibble about this storyline though: I would have been much more invested in it if I knew anything about Marcus. When they first started dating I wasn’t too concerned about it because I figured that it might not last, and it was enough just to see Rosa open up to her co-workers about her insecurities with dating someone. However now that they’ve been together for awhile, I would like to see him as a fully fleshed out character, not just a means for someone else’s character development. Hopefully if he returns next season we’ll get to learn a little more about him.

The C-plot, with Amy and Gina making their way to Holt’s dinner party, was probably the weakest of the episode. It felt like a less realized version of a storyline we’ve seen before, with Amy trying to loosen up, Gina teasing her about it, etc. But it did give us the visual of the two of them drinking together on Holt’s porch, so I guess that’s a win?


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