Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.21

Summary: Jake and Amy team up with a hugely successful detective from another precinct, and both try their best to impress him. Meanwhile, Boyle, Gina, and Holt work to convince Terry that he shouldn’t accept a new job offer.

Best Scene: Amy tells Jake that she’s done dating cops – only to do her patented double-tuck as soon as he’s out of the room.

Best Line: “Gina, what are you doing? You left your cell phone at your desk and I assumed you were dead!”

My Review: This was a strong outing for the folks of the Nine-Nine, with an interesting case, some great progression for Jake and Amy’s nearly-there relationship, and a hilarious but sweet B-plot.

When it was announced at the start of the episode that both Amy and Jake would be working with Det. Majors, I had a feeling that it would just end up being a competition-based episode for the two of them, with both going completely overboard in their ridiculous attempts to impress Majors. While always amusing, it’s definitely something that’s been done before, so I was pleasantly surprised when the competition dovetailed into a more serious moment: Jake admitting that he still has feelings for Amy. Even though it hurt him to do so, I liked that Jake didn’t lie to Majors about Amy being single, and his reasoning when talking to Rosa about it was great: “I can’t make a woman’s choice for her!”. His subsequent attempts to ask Amy out were equal parts hilarious and adorable; I’ve always loved the shy, kind of puppy love vibe these two have together. Finally, I liked that Amy turned down Majors on her own, without (total) knowledge of Jake’s current feelings for her. Though, judging by that double-tuck, she knows (at least subconsciously) where she stands.

One other thing I really liked in the A-plot was the role that Rosa played. I’ve always dug her relationship with Jake, especially when she plays sounding board/voice of reason for him (which, let’s be honest, Jake often needs). Her no-nonsense approach to Jake just acting Amy out already was great, even if it didn’t come to fruition. I also liked that her knowledge of Amy’s double-tuck move showed how observant she is of her friends, even if she doesn’t often admit it aloud. And I loved that we saw Rosa’s general happiness shine though in this episode; the pink shirt touch was great, as was her friends being totally scared to make fun of her for it.

In the B-plot, Terry getting a job offer seemed a little out-of-nowhere, but I was willing to go with it for the sweet moments it led to between our characters. It was hilarious to see Gina and Boyle try to woo Terry with his favorite things (insanely flavorful yogurts and talking about his babies), but I liked that it was the Captain who knew exactly how to convince him to stay: by reminding him how important his job is. This storyline also worked to show how deep the friendships run between the characters on this show, something that is always nice to be reminded of.

Just one episode until the finale, and hopefully, until something big between Jake and Amy. ‘Bout time these two had their first kiss, right?!


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