Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.22

Summary: Holt, Boyle, and Jake work on a big money/murder case while Rosa, Gina, Amy, and Terry entertain kids from a magnet school, in hopes of impressing the principal enough to accept Cagney and Lacey.

Best Scene: Captain Holt fully commits to the case, embracing both a chopper and Jake’s suggestion that they take nicknames.

Best Line: “Call me…Velvet Thunder.”

This was a fun one; a cool case, hilarious Jake/Holt moments, and a nice little B-plot. The case in particular was one of the meatier ones they’ve done recently, and I appreciated that it showed the high stakes that our characters deal with all the time, but that are usually glossed over for comedic purposes. Plus, it gave us Jake and Holt semi-playing Charlie’s Angels, so I can’t complain.

It’s been awhile since Holt and Jake have teamed up on a case (rather than Holt just giving Jake guidance), and everyone involved really milked the comedy that provided. Jake’s frustration when the Captain refuses to get swept up in a case is always hilarious, but it was even funnier when Holt actually did in this one. I also liked that Jake got to be right for once when he told Holt that his feud with Wuntch was getting in the way of the case. There have been a few moments this season where Holt has been a little less sure, not quite as confident as he usually is, and it’s done a nice job of fleshing out his character even more than he already is.

The storyline with Terry, Gina, Rosa, and Amy felt a little too much like the recent one where they convinced Terry to stay at the Nine-Nine (in that they all pitched in to help him), but it was entertaining enough. I did like that it revealed some fun things about the characters, such as Gina’s understanding of the weird interpersonal dynamics of middle schoolers, Rosa’s understanding of what kids are into, and Amy’s lack of understanding of really anything kid-related. It was also nice to see them work (or not work, in this case) to help Terry, even if it did feel reminiscent of something we’ve already seen.

I’m intrigued by that final reveal that Madeline intends to make Holt head of NYPD public relations. It seems like he can’t just refuse the job and keep the one he has now, or else she wouldn’t have been gloating about it so much. I’m hoping that next week’s finale focuses on the detectives of the Nine-Nine working together to keep Holt there. Also, maybe a little bit of Amy/Jake action?

And speaking of the finale, before I sign off on this one, a quick note about next week’s episode: I’ll be on vacation when it airs, so I won’t be able to do the review ’til I get back. But I look forward to writing about it when I do, provided you guys are still interested in reading it!


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