Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.23

Summary: Jake and Amy work a case together (and work through their feelings in the process), while Holt tries to undo his promotion and Boyle shows just how well he knows Rosa.

Best Scene: Jake and Amy kiss for the third time in the episode, but the first time for real.

Best Line: “I just want to see Lorelai happy!” – Rosa, along with people everywhere

My Review: This was an excellent capper to a strong second season for Nine-Nine, with a sweet bit of payoff for the Amy/Jake ‘shippers, and humorous, but surprisingly touching, storylines for the other characters.

At this point in the show’s run, it really shouldn’t surprise me when I walk away from an episode marveling at the depths of the relationships between the characters just as much as their hilarious one-liners, but that’s exactly what happened here. Jake and Amy blew me away with their awkward, endearing admittance of their feelings for one another, Boyle surprised me in the best way possible by showing that he is really and truly committed to being a great friend to Rosa (and nothing more), and Holt left me more emotional than I’ve ever been watching this show when he fought through emotion of his own to tell the detectives of the Nine-Nine how much their service, friendship, and camaraderie has meant to him.

At the top of the episode, the team showed that camaraderie in a rather unexpected way, as they bonded over the removal of their favorite vending machine. I fully expected Jake, Scully, and Hitchcock to be upset by this development, but it was a fun twist to have everyone, even health nut Terry, be equally devastated. By the time the group saluted their fallen metal friend, I had a feeling we were in for an especially good episode.

The biggest storyline of the ep was definitely Jake and Amy’s, as they posed as a couple to track down their perp. But first, we saw Jake admit his true feelings to Amy, saying that he wanted to ask her out before, but learned that she was done dating cops. I was pleasantly surprised that this happened at the beginning of the episode, especially because it allowed Amy to consider it for the rest of the half hour. Jake’s attempt at an accent to lessen the awkwardness was also a high point of that scene. It perfectly showed how nervous he was about opening up like that, and thus how important it was to him.

Amy and Jake’s first kiss being an undercover one felt completely appropriate for them (and reminded me a lot of Castle and Beckett’s first kiss). It was rushed and romantic and sweet, especially the moment that they forgot they were undercover. It was equal parts hilarious and adorable seeing them try to get back in detective mode after each increasingly romantic moment. And of course, I loved that in the end Amy responded to Jake’s confession from the beginning of the episode with one of her own, appropriately, in the form of a sweet smooch. I have no idea what the writers have planned for these two next season (full-blown relationship? quick flame-out and ensuing awkwardness?) but I can’t wait to find out!

One of the best things to come out of Jake and Amy’s storyline this ep (you know, besides the obvious adorableness), was Boyle and Rosa’s reaction to their undercover kiss. I loved that Boyle was over-the-top enthusiastic while Rosa basically remained stone-faced; very in-character and Boyle telling Jake and Amy to follow their hearts was one of the funniest lines of the episode.

Boyle and Rosa also had a great storyline of their own, with Boyle spending the entire episode trying to convince Rosa how well he knows her, in an attempt to get her to attend her surprise party. This was a fun plot just for the hilarious Rosa reveals (I’m still dying over that Gilmore Girls reference), but I also think it spoke to a shift in Boyle and Rosa’s relationship that we’ve been building to all season: Boyle is finally completely over her. Here, he was clearly at ease playing such a big role in Marcus’s surprise for her, and it was abundantly clear that he wasn’t doing it to make the girl he loved happy despite what it meant for him (something that’s been shown time and time again on TV), he was simply doing it to make his friend Rosa happy, and I’m genuinely happy for him that he’s made it to that place. Character development for the win!

.Finally, Holt, Terry, and Gina’s attempts to get Holt out of his promotion were entertaining (the patdowns, Terry lugging out an entire filing cabinet), but the scene I’ll remember most is the one where Holt decides to take the job for the sake of his team. I loved this for a few reasons: 1. It was the first time that we’ve ever seen Holt get emotional and I love that the writers (and Andre Braugher) saved it for this perfect moment. 2. Holt not telling his detectives about the sacrifice he made totally jives with what we know about him and his sense of honor. 3. Gina leaving with Holt was a great way to acknowledge the way that relationship has deepened this season (and it was a huge step for her to finally admit to caring for someone there). 4. On a greater scope, his leaving and the new captain coming in provided a lovely parallel to the pilot episode, and showed just how far these characters have come since then. I also think this conclusion was done well because even knowing that Holt and Gina will be back pretty soon into next season, that last scene was written and acted so well, that I didn’t even care that it probably won’t have a lasting impact on the series. Instead, it made me excited to see how they will “fix it” (for lack of a better term) next year, as well as what will transpire in the time it takes them to do so. Basically, it opens up a lot of fun opportunities for the fall, as any good finale does


One thought on “Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.23

  1. Excellent review, I love this show. Although I started out thinking ‘Scrubs but with cops’ (not that that was a bad thing), it’s definitely its own thing.

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