Review: The Mindy Project 4.02

Summary: Mindy and Danny argue over their birthing plan which becomes a moot point when Mindy goes into labor on the subway. Beforehand, Mindy and Morgan try to market Mindy’s fertility clinic to 20-somethings, and Jeremy works to convince his co-workers to attend a dinner with his new girlfriend.

Best Scene: Danny races down the subway tracks and makes it to Mindy just in time to reassure her that she’s strong enough to have their baby.

Best Line: “You can do this. You know why? Because you’re a stone cold bitch.”

My Review: The times they are a-changing, folks. We’re two episodes into the season, and Mindy and Danny have gone from expecting boyfriend and girlfriend to both fiancées and parents. That’s right, we meet the adorable Leo Castellano this week, and our favorite couple’s lives will never be the same. Before I dive into the events surrounding Leo’s birth, let me talk for a second about the timing of it. It was an interesting choice to have the proposal and birth happen in the first two episodes, as it would have been easy to let the excitement of the engagement fuel a couple of episodes before the baby came, but I think it was a smart decision. Grouping these events gave the season a nice kick-start, which will hopefully provide the writers with plenty of material for the rest of the season. Now they can do standard couple disagreement storylines (which Mindy and Danny are kind of famous for at this point), they can do parenting storylines, wedding planning storylines, etc. It’s going to give them a lot of freedom with the Mindy/Danny stories they tell this season, which I think will only make the show stronger.

In addition to the baby shenanigans this episode, we had a Jeremy storyline that felt a bit unfinished, though I kind of got the feeling that was intentional. Jeremy has sort of turned into the Jerry Gergich of this show (for the Parks and Rec fans out there), basically the guy that tries really hard and everyone finds a bit of a buzzkill, but when push comes to shove is an integral part of the group, someone who gives the best advice when it’s most needed. So we never needed to see Jeremy’s dinner or Whitney’s reaction to the crazy group of fake friends he assembled. What mattered was that Jeremy was there to give Danny some insight into what Mindy was feeling so he would know exactly what to say to her when he found her on the subway. As I mentioned last week, I would love it if Jeremy and the rest of the supporting players (minus Morgan, who gets a fair amount of screen time already) were given more to do this season, but I think in this episode they were used well, all part of Mindy and Danny’s support system in the lead up to the birth of their child.

Turning our attention to the new parents, their first scene together was hilarious, with Danny turning down sex with Mindy because doing it in front of “the little guy” made him feel awkward. For one horrible moment I though it was because he was somehow grossed out by how pregnant she was, so I was glad to hear that wasn’t the case. Their difference of opinion when it came to their birthing plan wasn’t surprising at all, and I especially loved that Mindy wanted the celebrity treatment for her baby’s birth. Just like that was totally in-character for her, it was also very Danny of him to want the whole thing to be completely natural.

His attempts to coax the baby out via wine, massage, spicy food, and sex were funny, but also forced me to suspend my disbelief a bit. If Danny is such a fan of natural childbirth wouldn’t he have recommended it to patients in the past, and thus know how to go about it without Brendan’s paleo book? And as a fellow OB/GYN wouldn’t Mindy also know what kick-starts labor? Granted, these two were also a “little hakuna matata” about protection despite their professions, so I guess I can go with it. I did like that it didn’t turn into a full-blown fight between them. Yes, they were annoyed with each other, but they also realized that the baby himself was much more important than how he arrived.

And speaking of that arrival…man oh man. I wasn’t surprised that, in true television fashion, Mindy went into labor in the most dramatic way possible, on a stalled subway train and separated from Danny. The lead up to Danny’s arrival was hilarious, with Morgan, Beverly, and Tamra being as helpfully unhelpful as possible (I was dying at Morgan choosing that particular moment to convince the present young women to freeze their eggs), and our favorite midwives trying to calm Mindy down with classic folk songs and incense. However, this show’s real strength is its believable transitions from humorous to heartwarming, and the scene changed into something else entirely when Dr. Castellano arrived, having evaded security guards and run down the subway tracks to get to “his girl”.

Danny is a man of few words (especially compared to our lovable heroine), and he always makes his count, especially where Mindy is concerned. There are not a lot of guys that could make me tear up by calling their fiancée a “stone cold bitch”, but it seems that Danny is one of them. The genuine love and emotion on his face was palpable, and I loved that he knew exactly what Mindy needed to hear, which showed how well he knows her. The comment about Mindy being stronger than his Ma was lovely, and spoke volumes considering how much Danny loves and respects Annette.

The final scene in the hospital was the perfect ending to this excellent episode, particularly Danny calling their son “Leo the lion” and Mindy’s excitement over being a “Ma”. And of course, everyone coming in to visit as we faded to black was a sweet moment, and a wonderful way to show how much the characters on this show care about each other. Mindy and Danny (and really all of the characters, because this is Mindy’s world), have a lot of changes ahead of them, and I can’t wait to watch them figure it all out.

What are your thoughts on Leo’s arrival episode? Let me know in the comments!


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