Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3.01

Summary: After one long elevator ride, the detectives of the Nine-Nine meet their new Captain, the high-strung Seth Dozerman. Elsewhere, Jake and Amy navigate the waters post-kiss, and Holt comes to terms with his position at the PR office.

Best Scene: After a roller coaster of an episode, Jake and Amy decide to give their relationship a real shot.

Best Line: “Hope it wasn’t a mistake, title of your sex tape. [Gasp] Title of our sex tape!”

My Review: I’ll admit I was a tiny bit nervous about this premiere. Nine-Nine has done right by Jake and Amy’s cautious will-they-won’t-they relationship over the last two seasons, but full-blown couple-dom is a different beast entirely, which is why I went into this episode optimistic, but carefully so. Luckily, I think everyone involved (writers, actors, etc) did a great job with this new step of their relationship, and I’m very excited to see the impact it has on the show overall.

I think this shift worked so well because these are two great characters that have been friends for a long time. Through all the ups and downs, miscommunication, and love triangles, that friendship has always been in tact, which I think is going to make their romantic relationship that much stronger. I also love that their transition to dating couple wasn’t a seamless one. Jake summed it up perfectly when he asked “Why am I attracted to you?” after discussing their totally different approaches to the relationship because, as most of the best television couples are, they are two very different people coming together, and that’s just naturally going to be a little messy.

Their first date was adorably awkward (the compliments, so cute!), and I love how clear it was that both of them wanted it to go well; it spoke to how important it was to each of them. I also think this episode gave us a taste of how good these two are going to be for each other; one day together and Amy had Jake following rules like he’d been doing it his whole life, while Jake had Amy breaking them soon after. Never thought I’d see the day when Amy Santiago would be making out in the precinct, let alone initiating it…

After that ill-fated makeout sesh, I was bummed that Amy wanted to press pause on the relationship, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t believable. Becoming a couple is a big step, and after having feelings for each other for so long, it had to feel a little too good to be true that things had finally worked out. That moment also showed me that I’m totally fine with roadblocks in their relationship, provided they work things out as sweetly as they did in this episode. I love that each of them decided independently to go to the other in the end, showing what a relationship of equals they have. And I mean, c’mon, their dopey smiley faces when they decided to give it another go? So cute!

Crazily enough, Jake and Amy’s new relationship status wasn’t even the biggest news of the premiere, as Bill Hader’s Captain Dozerman died in front of Jake and Amy after seeing them kiss. I was surprised by this move, as it seemed a little dark for Nine-Nine (plus, nobody kills Stefon!), but I think they were mostly successful in making it funny without being mean-spirited. Hader was great in this role (his interactions with Samberg in particular were hilarious, as was to be expected). I also loved Rosa’s battle with the tablet, even after Dozerman had passed away.

Elsewhere, Captain Holt and Gina dealt with their new roles in the NYPD’s public relations office, to hilarious effect. Holt’s exchanges with Wuntch are always such a delight, and I was cracking up at their traded barbs (“Sticks and stones? Describing your breakfast?”), as well as their pigeon-naming fight, conducted as if it were a matter of national security. I also love the role Gina played in this storyline; her confusion about her job duties and reality show references were hilarious, and it was really sweet that she was the one to convince Holt to wear the pigeon costume. Only on this show would that be seen as a moment of true friendship.

I’m curious to see how long the status quo will stay like this, with the new Captain there (and what a fun twist that was), and Holt and Gina at the PR office. At the very least, I hope Gina and Holt stop by the Nine-Nine soon, just so we can see their reaction to Jake and Amy’s new coupling. You know they’re going to have an opinion on that!

What are your thoughts on the premiere? Let me know in the comment section!


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