Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3.02

Summary: Jake and Amy work together to stay together, as the new Captain (a.k.a. The Vulture) demands that they break up or face demotion. Meanwhile, Holt finds himself missing the Nine-Nine, and Boyle gets his romantic groove back.

Best Scene: Holt, Jake, and Terry offer a series of terrible, but very funny toasts.

Best Line: From Jake’s toast: “I’m not giving up on us. I don’t care about getting demoted. I just care about being with you.”

My Review: While I’m always happy when a show has a strong premiere, sometimes I think the second episode of a season is the true test; in a lot of ways the first episode is the conclusion to last season’s finale, while the second is the start of a new story. Happily, this episode made me even more excited about the story Brooklyn Nine-Nine is telling this year.

The A-story this week belonged to our adorably awkward new couple, as they did everything possible to avoid breaking up, while still ensuring that Jake could keep his job. As sometimes happens with the hi jinks on this show, I had to suspend my disbelief a bit when The Vulture instantly had the power to demote Jake, but then again, in Nine-Nine‘s world Scully and Hitchcock are smart enough to be detectives, so I guess we just have to roll with it. Luckily, the unrealistic setup did nothing to diminish my enjoyment of this storyline, which I loved for a few different reasons.

One, it was just really, really fun to see Jake and Amy plot together, especially because it showed how much they’re invested in their relationship. I mentioned last week that I think these two are going to bring out great things in each other now that they’re a couple, and I think we saw that a bit here, with Amy certainly scheming in a way she wouldn’t have without Jake’s encouragement (and a potential breakup hanging over their heads). But I also loved that Jake knew she wouldn’t be able to lie to a Captain, even one as crazy as The Vulture, which was a simple example of how well he knows her. One thing he didn’t know about her? The slightly sexual interest she has in his Holt impression, which I thought was hilarious even before Amy’s reaction made it better (and twenty times creepier).

It’s interesting to me that, so far, both times they’ve faced an obstacle as a couple, Amy’s been the one to suggest they throw in the towel. Last week they both realized it was the wrong choice at the same time, while this week Jake made the grander gesture, giving that sweet toast to tell her he wouldn’t give up on them. Also, the fact that Jake Peralta, who is so, so proud of being a detective, was willing to be demoted for Amy? That speaks volumes about how seriously he takes this relationship, and I absolutely love the growth that it shows for his character. I am curious if Amy’s relationship skittishness is something that will come up in the future, or if we’re merely seeing it because their coupling is so new.

Another great aspect of Jake and Amy’s storyline was how much they wanted Holt’s approval (something I was hoping would be addressed), and it was really nice that he came through for them. It also provided a nice conclusion to his own storyline in this episode, feeling sad about the Nine-Nine and no longer being needed there. Not only did it give us another instance of Holt showing how much he truly cares for everyone at the precinct (his obvious hope that everyone would applaud when he arrived was equal parts sad and sweet), it also provided one of the funniest moments of the episode, with his terribly timed speech as a horrified Jake and Amy looked on. I miss having Holt at the Nine-Nine, but two episodes in, I’m still enjoying what his separation is doing for all of the characters, himself included.

It’s been awhile since Boyle’s been given his own storyline and I liked his in this episode quite a bit. For one, as a fan of the decidedly serious Good Wife, it was fun to see Archie Panjabi’s freak flag fly, and pairing her with Boyle was an unexpected surprise. I also loved the outcome of this storyline; not only was it nice that Boyle realized he’s a guy that wants true love not a hookup, it was also great that Rosa and Gina were the ones to get him there, especially considering their own past commitment issues. With Rosa enjoying her relationship with Marcus, and Gina showing each and every week how much she actually cares about everyone at the Nine-Nine, it spoke to their character growth as much as Boyle’s.

One last thought? I did not know how much I needed drunk Terry ranting about discontinued yogurt in my life until now, so Nine-Nine, I thank you for that.

Did you like this episode as much as I did? Hit up the comments section and let me know!


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