10 Thoughts: The Mindy Project 4.04

Little pressed for time tonight, so I’m doing a 10 Thoughts instead of a traditional review. Next week will definitely be business as usual!

This was another strong episode of Mindy, one that tackled another issue of new parenthood: who stays home with the kid? I think the show handled this in a way that’s become its trademark. Namely, with good intentions but a whole lot of miscommunication, something I’m excited to see play out next week and beyond.

  1. Can we talk about how freakin’ adorable Mindy and Leo are? I absolutely love how obsessed Mindy is with her little man, and the fact that she even considered staying home full-time (despite how much she thrives on having other people around her) speaks volumes about how much she loves being a mom.
  2. The breastfeeding subway scene was tough to watch (I was beyond mad at those guys yelling at her) but topical, and sadly representative of what some people believe. Jody’s introduction there definitely showed that were not meant to like him, and his sexist behavior throughout the episode did nothing to change my initial impression of him. That being said, he’s not necessarily a bad character to have on the show; he’ll continue to be a good foil for Mindy if she does end up going back to work, and really, I look forward to the verbal beat downs she’ll probably deliver.
  3. For how much I disliked Jody, I really liked Colette, especially her dynamic with Mindy. It was great that Mindy’s instinct was to be kind to her, even knowing that her discontent in NYC may have caused her to go back home and take her brother with her. Also, how great was Mindy’s assumption that Colette was hitting on her? Her crazy confidence never ceases to amaze.
  4. Morgan’s continued hatred of Leo is hilarious and kind of perfect, considering how much he loves his alone time with Mindy.
  5. Tamra and Beverly critiquing Danny’s gift ideas was one of my favorite scenes of the episode, and combined with last week’s story, is hopefully a sign of an expanded role for these two this season. Beverly telling Danny to meet her in the sewer was hilarious and “Push present? More like based on the novel Push by Sapphire in that these gifts are an endless series of tragedies” was my favorite line of the episode. Though I did take issue with the two of them cutting Danny’s dance off early. Don’t tease us!
  6. I loved the reveal that Mindy became a doctor simply because someone told her she couldn’t do it; it jives wonderfully with Mindy’s patented combination of stubbornness and surprise ambition.
  7. The scene where Mindy questions her patient was full of great moments, especially Mindy making casual sexual harassment seem adorable instead of creepy. Only on this show…
  8. The breast milk bit at the end was a hilarious sight gag (and I couldn’t help but feel like Jody more than deserved it), but the real meat of that scene was how it made Mindy question if she belonged there or if she would be happier at home with Leo. Mindy Kaling played that moment to perfection, walking the line between disappointment at the way things shook out, and relief at being able to go back home to Leo.
  9. The biggest moment of the episode was definitely that end scene,  with Danny so overjoyed by Mindy’s decision (and that tattoo! so sweet!), and Mindy clearly ready to tell him that she wasn’t so sure about it anymore. It was really nice that she didn’t want to disappoint Danny, but I do hope that she comes clean about her true feelings sooner rather than later.
  10. As far as what choice she makes in the end, if she finds that she really is happiest staying home with Leo, then I totally hope that she does. However, if like Colette said, she only does it because she’s frustrated with what’s happening at work, then that’s problematic. Something I actually think might be really interesting would be to have her stop working at the practice but keep up with her fertility clinic, kind of half doctor, half stay-at-home mom. That seems like a situation that would work well for she and Danny, provided it’s what ends up making her happiest.

What do you think Mindy should do? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “10 Thoughts: The Mindy Project 4.04

  1. Love these thoughts, especially #8. I think Mindy should point out that if Danny wants someone at home with Leo that bad, he should stay home himself! 🙂


  2. Thank you! I definitely agree, if Mindy decides for sure she wants to be at work, then it’s only fair that Danny consider staying home, especially if they decide they don’t want to go the nanny route. Plus, stay-at-home dad Danny would be hilarious and adorable 🙂


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