Review: The Mindy Project 4.07

Summary: With Danny still in California, Annette steps in to help Mindy with Leo. Meanwhile, Jody learns some surprising information about Whitney and decides how to proceed.

Best Scene: Mindy admits that she needs Annette’s help, not just for Leo, but for herself too.

Best Line: Can I count that whole last scene with Mindy and Annette?

My Review: I wasn’t surprised at all by how much I liked this one; Annette is one of my favorite Mindy characters, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting her first appearance as a grandma this season.

I’ve also always enjoyed her interactions with Mindy, which were plentiful in this episode. I think that’s partly because, on the surface, they seem like two completely different characters, but they actually share a few fun character quirks. Most obviously, a flair for the dramatic, which definitely came out in this episode. On another show, Annette suing Mindy for enslavement would have just been ridiculous, but it was hilarious here, largely because both of those characters do everything in such over-the-top fashion.

However, they also have a knack for being serious when it counts, like when Annette left Leo and Mindy her sweet note and when Mindy responded to it. I love that Min asked Annette to come back not because she felt guilty, but because she genuinely wanted her there. Mindy also showed a lovely vulnerability when she admitted that she needed Annette for her own sake and then that charming self-confidence we know and love when she insisted that Annette loved her.

I don’t know if it was because of Annette’s presence or just because it was a fairly standard episode, but I missed Danny more here than I missed Mindy or any of the practice folks in last week’s road trip episode. I would have loved to see his reaction (in person) to the anti-vaccine nanny, but his absence did lead to the great Mindy/Annette moments, so I can’t really complain.

This probably sounds weird considering his actions in this episode, but I actually liked Jody a lot in this one. Yeah, he still made some pretty sexist/douchey comments, but it was sweet of him to comfort Mindy and offer to watch Leo, and his obviously close relationship with Jeremy made him a lot more likeable, despite the whole kissing Whitney thing. And speaking of, is poor Jeremy ever going to be lucky in love? Poor guy has really gotten the short end of the stick lately!

What are your thoughts on this episode? Let me know in the comments!


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