Blog Update

Happy (belated) New Year! Since tv is back in semi-full force this week, I wanted to take a second to talk about what’s coming up here at Just a Girl, and more generally in my writing. I’ll still be reviewing Castle, Once Upon a Time, and The Mindy Project when they’re back on the air. I know I slacked a bit on the Mindy posts this fall, but I’m really going to commit to doing weekly posts for the rest of the season. My schedule got a bit crazy, but I really did miss writing about that show regularly.

I’m not sure if I’ve posted about it here, but I’ve also been writing recaps for Once Upon a TimeJane the Virgin, and Nashville for for the last year or so. I don’t have control over when exactly they put those on their site, but I think I’m just going to start linking to them here when they are posted, so that all of my writing is in one easier to locate spot. The recaps aren’t quite as much fun to write as reviews, but it’s definitely good practice for me to do some writing that’s not so opinion-based, which, as you guys know, is not something I do too often =)

I also have a kind of cool bit of news: Yahoo TV UK contacted me in December about writing for them, so I’ll be doing that for the rest of the season as well. I’m reviewing Agent Carter (which is finally back, yay!), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Nashville there, and I’ll link to those reviews when I post them as well. It’s worked out really nicely so far because I’d been wanting to post about B99 and Nashville more regularly, and this is a great opportunity to do that. And covering Agent Carter gives me an opportunity to publically proclaim my love for Peggy, so I could hardly turn that down. They’re interested in general tv posts as well, which is awesome and should give me a push to get out a few more posts about fandom and other shows that I love.

So yeah, lots and lots of stuff coming your way soon! As always, thanks for reading, and happy tv watching!



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