Review: Castle 8.13

I wasn’t all that crazy about this one, but from what I’ve read online so far, it seems like other people enjoyed it. I may have just not been in the right mood for it, so I’m going to do this one in more of a quick hits style.

-It seemed like we had a little more one-on-one Castle/Beckett case banter than we’ve had in awhile, with their scene in the morgue, conversation on the other side of the interrogation mirror, and various phone calls. It was definitely nice to see them building theory on their own here, especially because we haven’t had too much of that this season. The rest of the cast came together quite nicely on this case as well, each playing an important role at some point in the investigation.

-Backing up to that morgue scene for a moment, a Perlmutter appearance is always welcome, and I love that he congratulated Beckett on breaking up with Castle. Hilarious and perfectly in-character.

-Castle going undercover in the ESL class made pretty much zero sense, but it was fun and funny and gave Nathan Fillion a chance to show off his faux French accent. I don’t know if it was the writer’s intent, but that whole aspect of the case did a nice job of exploring the important issue of immigration, though not in an overly preachy way. I also loved the students teaming up with Castle and Hayley to confuse the FBI, as well as Kate staunchly defending them to the FBI agent.

-I do think the case was a little busy, though. With the feds, the students, plus the flashbacks to Castle’s missing time, it got a little difficult to follow. However, I didn’t predict the teacher as the killer at all, so I guess it was all a solid misdirect.

-Of course, the big takeaway from the case  was Castle remembering a bit more of that missing time, and I was surprised by how randomly that first flashback was triggered. I’ve never been a fan of this storyline, and unfortunately, its inclusion in this ep did nothing to change my opinion. At this point, I wish the writers would let it die versus dredging it up to add another explanation that probably still won’t make all that much sense. I feel like there are just too many pieces in play for it to come to a satisfying and logical conclusion. Hopefully next week’s trip to L.A. will prove me wrong.

-It was nice that Castle told Beckett about his new memories right away. If he expects Kate to be totally honest with him (or as much as she can be at this point), then I’m glad that he’s doing the same himself.

-Alexis filling in for the teacher was really sweet, but (and I’m aware that this is totally nitpicky) don’t you need credentials for that? At the very least it seems like a college degree would be necessary, but I may be wrong. It also may have just annoyed me because I’d like to know what Alexis is studying/what her future career plans are before we see her pick up yet another hobby. She has to be getting close to graduation, right?

What are your thoughts on this ep? Am I the only one who didn’t love it? Let me know in the comments!


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