Review: Castle 8.17

I loved this one. It was the most “classic Castle episode of the season, though last week’s had that feel as well. I’m giving this one the edge because it was significantly lighter (until that last scene, anyway) and had the fun Castle-believes-something-crazy element that I can’t resist, largely because Nathan Fillion sells the hell out of those moments, making them charming and endearing instead of obnoxious.

The kind of fantastical cases are even more fun now that Castle and Beckett are together, and I love that Beckett realizes that Castle coming up with crazy theories is inevitable, to the point where she often beats him to the punch. She also sweetly indulged Rick’s obsession with the lamp, surprising herself by asking Ryan and Espo to not only invite Castle along, but also make sure that he got to the lamp first. I get a real kick out of imagining what season one Beckett would think of current Beckett, especially in moments like that.

Also on the Caskett front, we had that fun Martha scene at the beginning, with Kate adorably hiding behind Castle during their conversation. I will never not laugh at how cavalier Martha is about her son’s sex life and mentioning that she owns the same negligee as Kate was a hilariously awkward touch. Castle and Beckett were just generally sexy and fun this episode; the banter in their mid-episode at home scene was especially good, and Beckett calling Castle her man was downright adorable. They also had an actual interrogation together (it feels like it’s been a long time since we saw one of those, but I could be wrong).

I was surprised that Jenny had the baby in this one, but with all the drama when Sarah Grace was born, it made sense that this was a more low-key affair. Granted, this one did have that scary moment, but it allowed Beckett and Castle to show their love for Ryan and Jenny in a way they only could on this show: using Castle’s wishes, whether real or not. The birth also led to a great “Under Fire” callback, with Kevin naming the baby after Javi as he promised to there. I loved the family-esque group scene that followed, but Jenny’s physical absence was a little conspicuous, no? I get that it’s in the nature of the show for Ryan’s personal life to take place mostly offscreen, but this felt like a big enough event to warrant bringing Juliana Dever in. The emotional moments may have packed a bigger punch if we’d seen Ryan with her as she went through that scare versus just relaying the information to the others.

Finally, it wouldn’t be an episode about wishes without Castle and Beckett saying that all of theirs have already come true, but Castle took it a step further with that line about going back in time to fall in love with her all over again. Good thing I’m not with a writer, because I think I’d be swooning constantly…

Other thoughts on this hour:

Kate playing referee while Ryan and Espo fought over who would share their find first contributed nicely to the hour’s classic vibe, as did the two of them teasing Castle with that I Dream of Jeannie photo.

I was dying over Castle’s head puns at the crime scene. I’m all for sophisticated comedy, but you really can’t beat a good pun.

The nerdy English major in me got really excited about the One Thousand and One Nights references, especially when Lanie broke it down as a tale about a misogynistic serial killer.

It was a small moment, but I liked Kate telling Castle how much she loves being a captain. It definitely seems like she enjoys it (and she’s certainly good at it), but it was nice to get that verbal confirmation.

Alexis played a great role here; she was instrumental in finding the “genie” and her ice cream scene with Castle was totally sweet. Random superficial note, but am I the only one who feels like her wardrobe is aggressively mature this season? I get that they’re showing that she’s a working professional now, but still, she’s not forty. I miss the colorful, but still grown up clothes she used to favor.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Let me know down below!


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