Review: The Mindy Project 4.17

I liked this one a lot, and it was the rare instance of a half-hour show juggling a lot of elements and actually doing them all justice. We had several guest characters and fully-formed A and B stories, yet the episode never felt too busy. It helped that everything was at least somewhat connected to Mindy’s dating life; I always like when there’s a common thread.

Mindy’s dating escapades were totally in-character (I completely understood why she wanted to get back out there) and let Eliza Coupe’s Chelsea pop up very believably. Mindy turning down the porker showed how she’s grown to demand respect, especially from herself. She knew that hookup didn’t feel right, so she didn’t do it rather than pushing through with the single-mindedness that Mindy of a few years ago favored. She and the bartender were cute together, and, while I liked their encounter for what it was, I also wouldn’t hate seeing him again. The problem is that Mindy Kaling has chemistry with pretty much everyone; she’s becoming the sitcom version of Lauren Graham. Bringing me to…

Jody, who tried to get the letter back, realized he did have feelings for Mindy and sweetly asked her out, only to get scared away by Danny. And ugh, that moment! For one, reading a gal’s mail is not a great thing, and the fact that Danny went straight to Jody instead of Mindy just illustrated how little he cares about Mindy’s agency. Then, when Jody very logically pointed out that he should consider what Mindy wants, Danny had the nerve to say that it didn’t matter. That right there is his relationship with Mindy in a nutshell, and it’s exactly why she broke up with him. If Mindy ever forgives him, then he has to let go of the terribly sexist idea that a woman’s opinion matters less in a relationship, otherwise his relationship with Mindy will never be a healthy one. Right now, I really need Danny to remind me why I once liked him, and he sure didn’t do that here.

I hope it’s not the end of the road for Mindy and Jody, not because I necessarily want them to be together, but because there’s potential there, and I’d like to see how it shakes out. I also don’t love the idea of Danny getting away with putting a stop to it, so I would like to see them pursue it just for that reason. If they don’t because they don’t want to that’s one thing, but their canceled coffee date made it pretty clear that they’re both still interested.

Finally, I have to give a shout out to the Elementary viewing party, which was one of the most wholly entertaining subplots in recent memory. Everything about it was a ton of fun, including Jody’s suggestion that they say grace, Jeremy’s costume, Beverly’s commercial theory, and the sheer number of people that were apparently interested in watching a CBS procedural in a group setting. This show loves a weirdly specific pop culture reference, and this was another hilarious example.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Hit the comments and let me know!


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