Review: Castle 8.22

Before diving into my very last Castle review, I want to take a moment to thank all of you for reading my reviews over the last couple of seasons. Writing about this show only increased my enjoyment of it, as did reading your wonderful comments. I also want to pay my respects to the show itself. Recent events have made its cancellation a relief for most of us, but Castle was still my favorite show for a lot of years, and I’m betting many of you feel the same way. So thank you, Castle, for the banter, romance, and fun, for making my Mondays a little brighter. Thank you for being an escape from a land full of gritty dramas and hyper-realistic comedies. And most of all, thank you for giving us one of television’s greatest love stories in Katherine Beckett and Richard Castle. Theirs is a romance for the ages, one that I know I’ll be revisiting often and always. 

I also wrote this piece a few weeks back thanking Kate in particular, if you feel like checking it out.

Now without further ado, the review…

I’ll be honest, it’s hard to critique this one. As a standard season finale where both Castle and Beckett came back the next season it was fairly decent and ended on one heck of a cliffhanger (I’m assuming most people know that the fluffy last scene was only added in after the show’s cancellation). It was an intense, action-packed episode with a cool LokSat reveal after I’d already written off Mason’s as a complete disappointment. It had one of Nathan Fillion’s best scenes ever when Castle was forced to list everyone who knew the truth. It had Ryan and Espo figuring things out and having Kate’s back just as they have for the entire series. And, appropriately, it had Castle and Beckett so hell-bent on destroying LokSat and protecting one another that they often forgot what you shouldn’t do when a super villain is trying to kill you (i.e. go anywhere alone). So yes, this would have made a pretty good season finale.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a normal season finale. Nor, thank god, was it one with only one lead coming back next season, because I’m fairly confident that Beckett would not have survived that GSW if that were the case. No, this was a series finale, and this episode did not function well as that. To be fair, the writers didn’t know it would be when they wrote it, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing that it had been more in-line with the show’s general tone. Yes, they’ve always done high-stakes episodes very well, but their lighter fare is much more representative of the show as a whole. I’d always hoped for a series finale more akin to the 100th episode, which was fun, hilarious, romantic, and heavy on the banter, and because of that represented the show better than any episode in its entire run.

Not knowing that it would be their last episode also meant that the last scene filmed “just in case” felt understandably tacked on and left me with a whole bunch of questions about how Kate and Rick went from dying together to happily ever after.

But, as it is our last ever with Castle and Beckett, for a moment let’s ignore the episode and even the season that came before it and focus on that scene, as well as the couple it concerned. Let’s think about coffee hearts and white boards, about walls coming down and murders being solved. Let’s think about theory-building and teasing and crazy theories, about swing sets and declarations of love and a marriage of equals. Let’s think about how much Kate and Rick have been through and how hard they fought for each other and for their love. Let’s think about a moment of bliss, a time traveler’s prediction proven true, and words spoken fifteen years before echoing around a home, just as true now as they were then. Let’s think about the story of Castle and Beckett. The last chapter was clunky, sure. But just look where they ended up.

Once again, thanks for reading, and if you hear about a show featuring a badass lady and one charming man-child, be sure to let me know. 🙂



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