Jane the Virgin Recap: 3.16

My recap of last night’s great JtV is up at ScreenPicks, if you’d like to check it out!


Pick of the Week: Nashville’s “I Can’t Keep Away From You”

Nashville is a show that thrives on drama, no doubt about it. But I think people forget that it’s rather good at emotional intimacy as well. Some of its best episodes have been ones that effectively straddled the line between these two extremes, and I think that’s exactly what happened this week.

For every moment of Rayna smashing Deacon’s guitar, Sadie shooting her ex, and Scarlett panicking about her return to the stage, we had another; Rayna quietly leaning her head on Deacon’s shoulder, Luke and Sadie sharing things they’d never shared before over a candle-lit dinner, and Gunnar telling Scarlett he was proud of her, amid a hectic backstage environment.

Those are the moments where this show becomes something special, something more than your typical prime-time soap. I love twists and turns as much as the next person, but I love watching relateable characters just trying their best even more.

Review: The Mindy Project 3.16


Summary: In New York, Danny tries to tell everyone at the practice that he’s moving to San Francisco, without realizing that, thanks to Morgan, they all instead believe that he’s dying. They’re angry after learning the truth, but quickly change their tune when Danny reveals that he’s leaving because Mindy’s pregnant. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Mindy helps her brother get his life back on track, and ends up deciding to start her fertility clinic in New York.

Best Scene: Jeremy, Morgan, Tamra, and Beverly throw a little party in honor of Danny’s life, complete with a song composed for the occasion, festive banner, and the Staten Island Catholic Boys Choir.

Best Line: “I mean, in terms of entitlement and personality, you’re the whitest man I know.” – Rishi, giving Mindy a bit of a confidence boost

My Review: This episode employed that classic comedy trope of the misunderstanding, and I think it worked fairly well. One of this show’s strengths is that it doesn’t rely on tropes too often, making episodes where it does still feel fresh and funny rather than overdone. That being said, I don’t think this was the strongest nor the weakest episode of the season; for me it fell solidly in the middle, especially since it was a transition episode of sorts, getting Mindy and Danny to a place where they can stay in New York and Mindy can still have her fertility clinic.

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