Jane the Virgin Recap: 3.17

My recap of last night’s wonderful Jane the Virgin is up at ScreenPicks, if you want to take a look.


Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3.17

This episode was just alright for me. It was one that suffered from one too many storylines, so though all three setups had potential, none had enough time to reach maximum hilarity or emotional depth.

Detective Pimento’s storyline was the most successful for me, because it did a fairly good job of fleshing that character out in a relatively short amount of time. This show rarely plays with the darker aspects of being a cop, making storylines like this one stand out that much more. Obviously it’s not something that you want on the regular in a comedy, but Adrian’s stories from his time undercover were just on the right side of darkly comedic and didn’t mess with the tone of the episode too much.

I also liked the mentions of Jake’s time undercover, and his reveal that it wasn’t as exciting as he’d hoped it would be was a nice moment of honesty. That storyline also provided the episode’s funniest moments, with Rosa getting weirdly turned on my Pimento but hilariously self-aware of it, and Holt thinking Adrian had returned to work as a far different type of “bagman” than was the case.

Out of the other two storylines, the “Mean Marge” one had the most potential, but I don’t think it came together as well as it could have. Though I did love the trash secrets that Amy, Boyle, and Terry considered shameful, as well as Terry’s line about only dying while saving the president.

Gina’s storyline with Holt and Rosa was funny enough, but not much to write home about. I love seeing Gina step up and surprises the Captain, but honestly, at this point it’s not all that surprising when she does.

Review: The Mindy Project 3.17


Summary: Both nervous about their impending bundle of joy, Danny and Mindy butt heads over his smoking and her diet. With Peter in Texas and Mindy working on her fertility clinic, Jeremy, Danny, and Mindy search for a new doctor to help out at the practice.

Best Scene: Faced with the prospect of “white steak” and something green for lunch, Mindy cracks and attacks Tamra’s birthday cake.

Best Line: “I have been eating for two my entire life and now I actually have an excuse. I’m not gonna waste it on steel cut oats!” – Mindy, refusing to let Danny take away her dream

My Review: I think this was a pretty good episode, and evidence that Mindy’s pregnancy is only going to bring more humor and emotion to the show. As frequently happens, it had a fairly serious issue (Neither Mindy nor Danny realizing how much the other one needed them) wrapped up in a goofy premise, and I think that worked very well here.

In lieu of a traditional review, I’m going to do this hits style instead:

-Danny’s attempts to get Mindy to eat right gave Mindy Kaling some hilarious moments to play, my favorites being her horror over steel cut oats and “white steak”, her dive into Tamra’s birthday cake, and the dejected way that she pulled contraband candy bars from her desk, sleeves, etc.

-Likewise, Danny trying to quit smoking gave us that hilarious scene in the courtyard. I loved that everyone thought he was the bum, and Tamra shooting him after seeing him talk to Jeremy and Mindy made it all the funnier. It’s no secret that I’m not crazy about the way that the show sometimes covers up Danny’s transgressions with a sweet conversation or gesture, so it was kind of nice to see him get caught and lectured a bit by Mindy and everyone at the practice.

-Vanessa Williams’s character was fun, especially because she acknowledged what we usually choose to ignore: this is a really, really strange group of people to be running a medical practice. Though her refusal of the job was accepted a little too easily for the usually tenacious Mindy, I’m assuming we’ll see her again, if only because you don’t get Vanessa Williams on your show, put her in two scenes, and call it a day.

-I loved Mindy and Morgan’s Shonda Rhimes bit, especially how detailed it was, with them basically screaming names of her shows across the practice. And as a longtime Rhimes fan, it was hilarious that Private Practice was treated as an after thought, the same way everyone treats it.

-It was super sweet how protective Morgan was of Mindy throughout the episode. The bedazzled barf bucket was adorable, and I loved how he yelled “This should be me!” when the new doctor helped Mindy. Even though the steam room wasn’t the greatest idea, his heart was in the right place.

-Though I’m glad that Adam Pally continues to make appearances (I’d assumed that Peter’s move meant that we wouldn’t see him for awhile, especially with all the hooplah over him leaving the show), I’m not sure I totally get why Peter is semi-stalking Lauren. Their moment at the airport seemed to indicate that they were both ready to try a relationship again, so I hope that comes to fruition soon.

-Like I said, this episode did have a serious issue masked by all of the antics, and it was really nice to see Mindy and Danny have an honest conversation at the end, where they confessed their fears to each other. It was also great that they reassured the other how much they were needed. I’ve said it before, but these two continue to prove that they’re going to make an excellent parenting team.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Let me know in the comment section!