Jane the Virgin Recap 3.18

My recap of last night’s Jane is up at ScreenPicks, if you’d like to check it out!


Review: The Mindy Project 3.18


Summary: Mindy struggles to get her fertility clinic off the ground, and one white lie causes a fight with Danny. At the practice, Morgan, Tamra, and Beverly butt heads with Adrian over the way he treats them, with Jeremy stuck playing the go-between.

Best Scene: At the opening of her fertility clinic, Danny toasts Mindy, completely unaware of how his words are being interpreted.

Best Line: “He’s living in squalor. He’s a total Beverly!” – Beverly, talking about Adrian with an impressive amount of self-awareness

My Review: I enjoyed this episode overall; the dialogue was sharp as ever, and we got our usual sweet Mindy/Danny moment at the end, but I did have a couple issues with it, which I’ll get to in a second.

One of my big takeaways from this episode was that I’m glad that they’re taking the start up of Mindy’s fertility clinic so slowly. It’s totally realistic that it would take her some time to get established, even already being an OB/GYN, and it’s great that the show is portraying that so honestly. I also think that Mindy working hard for what she wants professionally has become a bit of a theme this season, so it’s nice to see that continued with her overseeing the construction of the clinic, stalking Kris Jenner, and taking out eye-catching subway ads (proving that even though she’s working hard, she’s still doing it in a very Mindy way). Also, with her love of the dramatic, was anyone really surprised that Mindy did her voice-over on a subway car full of her colleagues?

And then of course, in typical Mindy fashion, she took her desperation for the clinic to be successful a little too far, telling that white lie about Danny and his, er, guys, which caused a slightly awkward clinic launch party. Even if he didn’t realize how his words were being interpreted, Danny’s speech about Mindy was really sweet, and I love that he was clearly proud of her. It also makes total sense that the hyper-masculine Danny (despite those cherry red reading glasses he favors) would be horrified to hear that Mindy told that lie about him. It was also kind of great that the also hyper-private Danny loudly shared the hilarious details of Mindy’s impregnation in his need to prove how tough his guys are.

Danny saying that he was worried about not seeing Mindy as much anymore was a bit out of nowhere (it would have made more sense to me if he was the one who screwed up and confessed that he did it because he missed her, or something like that), and I’m kind of disappointed that Mindy agreed to move in so easily (if I’m remembering right she told him to ask again when he was serious about it), but I could definitely see her stance changing in light of the pregnancy/new job/his confession in this episode. I’m also bummed that we won’t get to see Mindy’s gorgeous apartment anymore, though it would be hilarious to see her try to incorporate her stuff into Danny’s. And with Adrian living at her place, there’s a chance that we may still see it once in awhile.

Speaking of, I’m not sure I totally get Adrian’s character yet; last week it seemed like they were going for curmudgeon with a heart of gold, but the kindness he showed Mindy in that episode didn’t really jive with the way he treated Morgan, Tamra, and Beverly this week. I’m sure it’s hard to find your footing when writing for a new character, so hopefully he’ll become a bit more defined in future episodes.

One thing I did like about Adrian this week was that he gave Morgan, Tamra, and Beverly a reason to team up. They’re definitely the wackiest characters on the show, and between their fundraiser, random conversations in the break room, and awesome nurse solidarity, their antics this week showed it. I’ve always felt like there’s a weird little mini show going on just in the interactions between the three of them that happen off-screen, so it was fun to see a little bit of that craziness explored in this episode. It was also really nice that they got Adrian rehired; at the very least it’ll give him a chance to learn their names!

Did you have any issues with this episode, or was it just me? Let me know in the comments!