Jane the Virgin Recap: 3.19

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Review: The Mindy Project 3.19


Summary: Danny and Mindy try to hide their out-of-wedlock pregnancy from Danny’s new priest. Meanwhile, Jeremy semi-successfully puts on a one-man show as an ode to America.

Best Scene: Danny confesses his various sins to his priest, who coincidentally dies of a heart attack the moment Danny mentions the baby.

Best Line:“Oh my god. This is the lair of Lucifer!” – Father O’Donnell, upon finding the condoms Mindy and Danny stowed in the cookie jar.

My Review: I’m worried that I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but this was another excellent episode in a strong series of them. In fact, I actually liked it better than some of the recent ones; mostly because it broke the (albeit very humorous) pattern of Mindy and Danny trying to hide things from one another and allowed them to work as a team instead. I also think it used the supporting cast very well, and (finally!) gave the underutilized but hilarious Jeremy something to do.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear me say that I loved this B-plot. I’ve said before that Jeremy is at his funniest and most likable when he’s that earnest but down-on-his-luck guy that we see in storylines that focus on him, and I think this episode supports that. His one-liners were the best of the episode (I was dying at the love letter bit), and you have to give Ed Weeks props for how he committed to Jeremy’s one-man show. The show plot also revealed some fun tidbits about the other characters, such as Adrian’s idea of theater etiquette (wearing a suit and toupee, but falling asleep during the show), Beverly’s commitment to smoking (I kept waiting for some unassuming usher to tell her off), and, in my mind, Tamra’s penchant for live tweeting (because every show should have a Donna). It was also great that, despite ruining the show in their typical over-the-top way, the whole practice came together in the end to support Jeremy.

The supporting characters were also weaved into Danny and Mindy’s storyline quite nicely. Jeremy showed that he’s one of the most logical people in the practice when he told Mindy that if embarrassment was going to ruin the relationship it already would have. I also think it pointed to the strength of Mindy and Danny’s relationship; they’re at a really great point where they love each other warts and all. It also worked well to have Morgan be Mindy’s fount of Catholic knowledge, especially because it ended up having such a big effect on the B-plot.

Like I said, one of the best things about Mindy and Danny’s storyline was that it let them work as a team, here against Stephen Colbert’s hilarious Father O’ Donnell. When I heard he had been cast I had no idea what to expect, since he, Mindy Kaling, and Chris Messina have such different styles of comedy, but they ended up supporting each other in a way that really worked. His character’s nonchalance over his past sins and Mindy and Danny’s “Is he really saying that?” reactions at the memorial service were hilarious, as were Mindy’s newbie church-goer mistakes (though even as a life-long Catholic, I’ve definitely called mass a show before).

After the service, I liked that Danny went to his mom for advice on what to do. It made sense for the character and was a great way to fit the always welcome Dot and Annette into the episode organically. And like Jeremy, Annette made a good point when she said that he should figure out why he felt so guilty.

Though of course, he wouldn’t be Danny if he didn’t do so somewhat awkwardly, and it was tough to see how hurt Mindy was when he talked about the ex-girlfriend version of her. But I think the important part was that Danny noticed immediately that she was upset, which hasn’t always been the case since they got together. His confession to Father O’Donnell was a great moment, partly because of how excited he was about his future with Mindy (and how sweet was it that, as Mindy revealed early on, he was the one putting the sonogram on everyone’s desktops?), and partly because of Mindy’s joy at hearing him say so. I’ve really enjoyed how quickly they’ve been reaching healthy resolutions to their disagreements lately, which shows the increasing strength of their relationship. Another thing that showed it? Mindy coming out to stand up for Danny and their life together (just like he did for her) by saying that their son would be raised Catholic. Her decision was important because it was more than a gesture; it was something that will have a big impact on her life, but she did it anyway because of how much she knew it would mean to Danny, which speaks volumes about their commitment to one another. These two are in it for the long haul, and I couldn’t be happier.

Only a few episodes left til the season finale! Is it too early to place bets on what might happen there? Let me know in the comment section!