Jane the Virgin Recap: 3.20

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Review: The Mindy Project 3.20


Summary: Mindy’s pregnancy has her feeling self-conscious about her appearance, leading Tamra to call in her cousin Sheena, an aspiring personal stylist. Meanwhile, Danny, Jeremy, and Morgan attend a singles pajama party, where Morgan learns that Jessica plans to break up with him, and Jeremy has a bit of a meet-cute with a neighbor complaining about the noise.

Best Scene: After a confrontation in his office, Jeremy and Whitney agree to yell at each other some more, this time over dinner.

Best Line: “I got news for you. You are talking to your best friend. You.” – Sheena

My Review: This was another solid episode of The Mindy Project, one that continued to prove that Mindy’s pregnancy was a great twist. It’s given everyone in the cast, especially Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina, a chance to show off a different side to their character, something that they did particularly well here.

In the cold open, I was surprised to learn that Peter and Lauren are getting married, because it seems like a very quick turnaround from the semi-stalking we’ve heard about recently. Though when it means that Peter gets to be happy, and Adam Pally gets to do hilarious voice overs, I can hardly complain. Also, please lord tell me that we are going to get to see that wedding! Next week’s episode is called “Best Man”, so it seems pretty likely.

I liked that the office picture was the catalyst for Mindy’s self-esteem issues in this episode; it was a very organic way to bring up something that a lot of pregnant women can relate to, and I loved Jer’s (I’ll throw him a bone) declaration that it was necessary because half the people don’t even work there anymore.

One of this show’s many strengths is its deft casting, and with Laverne Cox, Cristin Milioti, and a returning Julia Stiles all appearing in this episode, it was especially clear this week. And can I just talk about how much I loved Cox in this role? Because I did. Loved her. She brought just the right amount of fierceness to the part, without ever making the character feel like a caricature. Her interactions with Tamra were great (I totally bought them as cousins), and the advice that she gave Mindy (and the message that the entire episode promoted) was awesome. I want to get that line about being your own best friend on a bumper sticker…

The importance of self-confidence was also shown in Morgan’s storyline with Jessica. As bad as I felt for Morgan when Jessica revealed why she was breaking up with him, I wasn’t totally surprised. As much as I love Julia Stiles, I’ve always kind of gotten a bad vibe from Jessica. I loved the image of Mindy and Morgan standing up for him in matching track suits, and the way that she wouldn’t let him go back to Jessica was a lovely moment of friendship.

Jer’s storyline was decidedly sweeter, and I was really, really happy to see him get a win. I will watch Cristin Milioti in absolutely anything, and she brought a really fun energy to the character of Whitney. She and Ed Weeks also had a nice chemistry; their yelling date plan scene was my favorite of the episode. I can’t remember if I read how many episodes she’s doing (or even if she’s doing any beyond this one), but I really hope we see the two of them try to make a go of it. Both of them have somewhat prickly personalities, which could make for a fun long-term pair.

The ending of the episode, with Danny revealing Mindy’s most beautiful quality, was unexpected and totally sweet. Mindy’s confidence is one of the things that I most admire about her, so I love that Danny respects that about her too. It was also so much more personal than the kind of cheesy “your heart” that Danny could have gone with (though I guess that sentiment did move him to tears when Sheena said it to him). I also liked that Mindy apologized as well, which shows just how strong their relationship has become. In a healthy relationship, I feel like arguments are hardly ever just one person’s fault, so it’s great to see Mindy and Danny move past that. The picture was a nice way to close the episode, and I loved that Jer was the one who arguably looked the worst, after being prepared all episode but thwarted by his colleagues. Hey, at least his date went well!

Only two episodes left, which means my post-television season depression will soon be creeping up. But we’re not quite there yet! What are your predictions for these last two episodes? Let me know in the comments!