Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review: 4.15

I adored this week’s series finale-esque Brooklyn Nine-Nine and wrote about it for Yahoo.


Review: The Mindy Project 4.15

I’ve talked a lot about how impressed I am by Mindy’s character growth over the last couple of seasons, and we got another example of that growth in this week’s episode, as Mindy broke up with a seemingly perfect guy who was still hung up on his ex. I liked this storyline for a lot of reasons. One, dating fairly quickly after her official breakup with Danny was completely in-character; Mindy’s always enjoyed dating (she’s got a long line of ex-boyfriends to prove it) mostly because she’s always believed in love and wanted to find it for herself. It was nice to see that, sad as she is about ending things with Danny, she still has that optimism when it comes to finding the one.

On that note, much as I love Chris Messina, I was glad that Danny wasn’t in this episode because it would have been way too easy to tell a derivative jealousy story, and what they did here was much more interesting. I also thought we might be in for the standard “kid scares the guy away” plot, especially after Mindy realized that she forgot to tell Bryant about Leo. It’s worth noting, season one Mindy would have put that conversation off for weeks until the guy found out and was so angry at being lied to that the kid was a moot point. Instead, Mindy fixed her mistake immediately and was pleasantly surprised when her date was fine with her being a mom, a trend that I hope continues as she wades back into the dating pool.

Bryant’s acceptance of Leo does have to be taken with a grain of salt since he was so keen on using Mindy to prove how over his ex he was, but it ended up leading to a great moment of empowerment for her. Mindy never even considered settling for being his second choice; the minute she found out that she was his rebound girl she called it off, making a mature, intelligent decision without batting an eye and showing a heck of a lot of self-respect along the way. What’s more, I wasn’t surprised at all by her choice; she knows she’s a catch, and she’s willing to wait until she finds someone who feels the same way.

I was kind of bored by the leadup to Morgan and Colette’s housewarming party because I find Colette to mostly just be the female version of Morgan instead of an interesting character in her own right. Plus, I feel like we’ve already seen enough of overprotective big brother Jody. However,  once the party started that storyline became worth it just for Morgan’s frustration with the entertainment (two of my younger siblings did band in middle school, so I can attest that their repertoire does leave something to be desired), his annoyance at Mindy’s choice of party outfit, and the hilarious dog escape fiasco.

Other thoughts on this episode:

Did anyone else notice Jeremy talking as though he’d never dated a woman with kids? The name of Peter’s wife is escaping me right now, but she definitely dated Jeremy and she definitely had a kid because I remember it was a sticking point.

The Mindy/Tamra team up was a ton of fun, especially how excited Bryant’s ex was about their fake business idea.

I feel like we’re headed towards something with Mindy and Jody, but I’m not sure what it is. I almost wonder if he’s going to be her first post-Danny hookup, but I hope if that does happen it doesn’t ruin their friendship. He’s filled that void in Mindy’s life nicely, and his brand of tough talk is something she’s come to appreciate. She’s been good for him too, I think, teaching him to turn off the bluster a bit and be honest about his feelings.

What are your thoughts on this episode and Mindy’s newest foray into the dating world? Let me know down below!

10 Thoughts: Once Upon a Time 4.15


This episode was kind of middle of the road for me; it was interesting enough, but it seemed to lack the zip OUAT usually has, possibly because Regina’s typical snark was a bit muted here, or maybe because Emma and Hook were each doing their own thing, which meant that we didn’t get any of the romantic little scenes I’ve grown accustomed to. But without further adieu, here are ten thoughts I had while watching “Enter the Dragon”.

1. I continue to love the way that Emma and Regina’s friendship has grown this season. Emma’s immediate concern for Regina when Charming and Snow told her that she went undercover, as well as how she insisted on accompanying Regina on her jaunt with Maleficent (a very “with you ’til the wheels fall off” moment) showed how much Emma truly does care about Regina’s safety. It was also clear that she now cares because of how she feels about Regina herself, not just out of a desire to keep Henry’s mother safe for his sake. I also really liked the message that Regina left on the screen for Emma reassuring her that she would be alright; I think taking the time to do that (rather than just dropping the phone and leaving) showed how much she appreciated Emma’s concern.

2. I’m glad that Emma acknowledged that her super power was out of whack (or really, totally out of commission) because it proved that she does have her suspicions about Snow and Charming. I also felt bad for both Emma and Regina when Regina lied to Emma about her parents being up to something, because you could see how much it pained Regina to do so, and I can’t help but think about how mad Emma is going to be when she finds out the truth.

3. Anyone else think Emma must have been a terrible bails-bondsman? All I could think when she was following Regina and Maleficent was [Chandler voice] “Could she be any more obvious?”

4. I always enjoy the episodes where we see Regina as both a young girl and her present self, because Lana Parilla does such a marvelous job of playing those contrasting facets of Regina believably. This episode in particular, her performance was even more impressive, because we also got to see a little bit of the Evil Queen as well, in her conversation with Rumple at the end of the flashback, and her undercover work with the Queens of Darkness. I also loved how layered her performance was; little moments like her obvious remorse at putting Geppetto and August to sleep and the instant she decide to drop the phone, even knowing that it was what had to be done.

5. In the flashback, I really enjoyed the visual of Regina holding Maleficent’s scepter as she talked to Aurora, and the idea of her being Maleficent’s assistant/champion throughout their time together. It provided a nice bridge, one that I hadn’t even realized I’d wanted, between the sweet girl who saved Snow White and the Evil Queen that she became. It was also provided an interesting parallel to Regina and Maleficent’s relationship in the present.

6. Speaking of Maleficent, she was giving me major Zelena vibes this week with the jaunty hat and blazer.

7. I was bummed that it turned out that Rumple was the one acting as Hook the whole episode, mostly because I love how Belle and Hook’s relationship has developed, and this would have been another nice moment of bonding for them. Colin O’Donoghue did a really great job this episode as well; I didn’t even suspect that it was Rumple until just before Belle handed the dagger over, but as soon as I realized that it was, little quirks in his performance earlier in the episode made total sense. Also, am I the only one who wonders what the real person is up to when Rumple borrows their persona? Did Hook just spend the whole episode chilling at Granny’s?

8. It’s super frustrating (though not really surprising) to see Rumple continue to manipulate Belle rather than working to repair that relationship,  Plus, as someone who was incredibly proud of Belle when she stood up for herself last season, it really sucked to see her taken advantage of again. But I also love that she’s someone who continues to trust people, in this case Hook, who has obviously wronged her in the past, and it does show that her character is far stronger than Rumple’s in that regard.

9. The scene where Rumple asked Belle about Will was interesting because, even though we haven’t seen the new lovebirds together very much, it showed how Belle feels about Will and what drew her to that relationship in the first place. Rumple’s interest showed that he clearly still loves her, making his manipulation that much harder to stomach. But I can’t deny that it’s in-character; he’s always been self-destructive to a fault when it comes to power. Also, if I was Will I’d look into a good hiding place; I have a pretty good feeling he’s on Rumple’s list.

10. I was pleasantly surprised that Rumple revealed himself to Regina so quickly, and I’m really curious to see what she does with that information. It was also a cool twist to bring August back to his adult self, and it’ll be interesting to see what they might learn from him.

Thoughts on this episode? Put ’em in the comments!