Who’s The Girl?


Hi there! I’m Becks, the titular girl. If you get the Notting Hill reference, then we’re friends already.

Like a lot of people, I’ve been a fan of media for most of my life. As a kid, I checked out stacks of books from the library that I could barely carry, spent my birthday money on the newest Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears cd, and had many good-natured battles with my siblings over which movie to rent at Family Video.

But, through it all, my love of television reigned supreme. I thrived on the drama of Little House on the Prairie reruns, the hilarity of Home Improvement, and discovered ‘shipping when Jesse met Becky on Full House. And I realized early on that television appeals to me more than any other mode of storytelling largely because of the comfort it provides. TV is constant; it’s there each week with the same characters inviting you into their world. That world can be an escape from your life or a place that makes you think of your own a little differently, but it’s reassuring either way. Cheesy as it sounds, you can be watching your favorite show anywhere and somehow still feel like you’re home.

As you can probably imagine, my love of television has grown stronger with time. I still thrive on the heartbreak, hijinks, and sweet romance that only TV can provide, though now I get my fix via Once Upon a Time, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jane the Virgin, and countless others. In addition to watching my favorite shows, I also love talking about them, especially with people who love TV as much as I do.

So, hence this blog. Here, you’ll find reviews, essays, recaps, lists and other TV-related content. For the 2017-18 season, I plan on reviewing Once Upon a TimeBrooklyn Nine-Nine, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend each week, as well as recapping Jane the Virgin and Once Upon a Time. If you’re curious about what other shows I may write about this season, you can head here to find out what I’m watching.

Hmm…what else? I graduated from Michigan State in 2013 as an English major. I feel like my personality has been shaped quite a bit by the fictional ladies I most admire. I spend way too much time on Twitter and Tumblr. I’m an eternal optimist (sometimes obnoxiously so). The majority of the pictures on my phone are of my dog. My happy place is either in front of the TV with a cup of coffee or in front of a book with a cup of coffee (the coffee is non-optional). Harry Potter is my religion. And some of the best days of my life have taken place on Lake Michigan with my family or at Disney World with my friends.

So yeah. That’s me.


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